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Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

The 90s tech boom made it possible for thousands of companies to sell their products online. Developments in Internet technology offered a variety of benefits, such as secure payment processing and searchable catalogs. Juno Records took advantage of these changes so it could sell dance music to a growing base of customers.

As MP3s began to dominate the music industry, vinyl records began more difficult for DJs and casual listeners to find the products they wanted. Local stores that had once thrived on their CD and record sales began to lose business to online retailers that sold digital music exclusively.

Juno Records bucked that trend by expanding its range of products. Even after creating a marketplace for digital music, the company continued to sell CDs and vinyl records. While these products may not appeal to the average consumer, many DJs rely on them for their jobs.

Today’s music industry is still experiencing a revolution that leaves the future uncertain. The most successful companies have kept up with industry changes. A handful have been able to expand their formats while still selling products that the average consumer considers outdated.

Juno Records fits into that category, making it one of the few major online retailers that can meet the needs of an increasingly diverse fan base. No one knows how the music industry will change in upcoming years, but it seems likely that Juno Records will keep up with those changes.

Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

About Juno Records

Juno Records is a UK-based company that focuses on selling dance music and related equipment. The company got its start in 1996 as a website called The Dance Music Resource Pages. The site listed dance music titles as they were released, often on a daily basis. The site changed its name to Juno Records and added a retail store in 1997.

Juno Records released a revamped versions of its website in 2006. The new design offered more intuitive navigation features that can help customers find the specific music and equipment that they want to buy. The new site also added downloadable MP3 and WAV music files.

Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

Improving the website was just one step toward becoming a more competitive online retailer. In 2007, the company commissioned 10 songs to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The titles included remixes by new and popular DJs and producers.

Juno Records expanded its reach in 2006 by creating a Spanish language version of its website. It expanded again in 2007 by creating a German language version of the site. The company currently offers support in Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, English, and several other languages.

Juno Records also won a “Best of British” award from DJ Magazine in 2007. The website has continued to add music and equipment to its large selection.

Top Features of Juno Records

Juno Records has several noteworthy features that help make it one of the world’s best websites for dance music and related equipment. Some of the top features include:

customer support girl
Customer support in several languages including German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish

music genres
A wide selection of dance music, including those in the house, pop, reggae, techno, and trance genres

DJ Icon
A wide range of professional DJ and studio equipment

songs and album selection
Song and album recommendations

wish list icon
The option for customers to create wish lists

back in stock
Back-in-stock alerts for rare releases

cd, download and vinyl icon
Music in CD, download, and vinyl formats

music catalog icon
An extensive back catalog that includes rare releases

music podcast icon
News that will appeal to many fans of dance music

different currency icons
Ability to pay in a variety of currencies, including USD and British Pounds

web player icon
An independent music player that streams online for free

Customers who want to find good prices on music and equipment should always stop by the Juno Records website.

Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

Juno Records Prices

Juno Records offers fair prices on all kinds of music formats, including CDs, records, and downloads. Customers have to pay shipping and handling fees. This can make it somewhat expensive for customers outside of England to buy records at low prices. Those who have local access to dance music may want to choose those options to avoid heavy shipping fees. Those who cannot find rare releases in their countries, however, will have to pay the higher rate.

Those who want to spend less money on music should consider buying digital downloads. CDs and records almost always cost more. DJs and audiophiles who love the sound of vinyl records might as well accept the higher prices since all retailers charge more for them than downloads.

Criticism of Juno Records

Juno Records is one of the most reliable online music sellers. There are some customers who complain that they have had difficulty downloading music. A handful of others also complain that they have received incorrect or faulty merchandise.

Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

It is difficult to take these complaints too seriously since Juno Records does its best to correct mistakes. All companies make occasional blunders. Reliable companies know how to fix those blunders to keep customers happy. Juno Records seems to have mastered customer service relations by rarely making mistakes and correcting them as soon as possible when they occur.

Juno Records Customer Support

Juno Records has exemplary customer support resources that more online retailers should imitate. Customers and suppliers can contact the company via phone or email. The company also uses several social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. This makes it simple for customers to contact Juno Records publicly or privately.

The Juno Records website also has a FAQ page that answers common questions.

Although Juno Records is located in England, customers can reach customer service reps 24 hours a day. This makes it easier for international customers to get the answers they need before placing orders.


Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

When it comes to buying dance music online, Juno Records offers some of the best features and customer services of any retailer. While the company focuses on selling dance music, it has done a good job of keeping up with trends while maintaining a large back catalog of older songs. Today, the catalog includes several genres that have influenced the development of dance music. This includes jazz, rock, hardcore, and a variety of sub-genres that DJs can use to create interesting mashups.

Casual music fans will like that they can use the Juno music player to hear songs before they buy. The music player can also work like a radio station that streams popular songs. Fans can use the music player to discover emerging artists.

Professional musicians and DJS will find that Juno Records lets them choose from a huge selection of equipment, storage cases, and accessories. DJs who perform in clubs may want to buy PA speakers, portable turntables, DJ headphones, and mixers from Juno Records. Producers who work in the studio can purchase drum machines, studio monitors, synthesizers, and other important equipment to their studios.

Customers outside of the UK may want to search for music and equipment within their own countries to avoid high shipping fees. Other than that small problem, Juno Records is one of the best online retailers for all people who love music. It is an indispensible resource for those who live to dance.

It is impossible to predict how the music industry will change it upcoming years. Fans and retailers will have to adjust to these changes if they want to enjoy their favorite music. Expect Juno Records to adjust to these change as they happen. It has been at the forefront of online retail technology since the 1990s. There is no reason to think that it will not find ways to adapt to upcoming changes, too.

Juno.co.uk - Online store for Vinyl, DJ & studio equipment

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