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Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Finding a way to collect email leads and sell products is essential for any website owner. The only trick is that you’ll need a landing page to get access to potential customers. But what if you are a non-techie and you don’t have any design or coding skills?

While WordPress may be an excellent platform to create well-designed landing pages, the default editor isn’t suitable for someone looking for an advanced landing page builder.

Fortunately, Instapage has made things easier for those without technical skills. Here’s a look at what Instapage is, it’s products and their customer support.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software


Instapage is a high-powered cloud service that allows you to build landing pages even for those without technical skills. The leading landing page building software was launched in 2012, and it has become a popular software with many web designers and business owners.

Although you can design any landing page with Instapage, this particular builder is meant to create squeeze pages, thank you pages, and webinar pages.

Instapage enables you to access over 190 pre-made landing page templates. If you’d rather start on a blank template, the service has a blank page template. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize the pages and create any desired design.

You no longer have to worry about mobile-responsive sites, as Instapage has mobile responsive landing pages that work on both PC and mobile devices. Also, you get free hosting for your web pages on the service servers. Alternatively, you can embed them on your WordPress blog. The service also comes with simple integration with email providers like Active Campaign, MailChimp, and Convert Kit.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

How Does Instapage Work?

Instapage has an easy to navigate setup. All you need to create an account to access the page builder. The next step is to pick a template. You can choose from over 100 Instapage templates to find one that best suits your purpose. These templates are fully customizable and flexible. You only need to use the drag and drop builder to alter the layout and images.

If you can’t find a template that suit your needs, you can purchase a template from an external marketplace. Alternatively, you can start with a blank page to start from scratch. However, this may not work well for beginners as it requires a lot of work and design skill.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software
Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

The second step is to use the drag and drop editor to customize the page. Featuring an intuitive interface, you can enjoy an editor that boasts of simplicity and power. After you’ve dragged and dropped whatever you choose, you can now arrange which elements appear on top and those that go down.

After you’re satisfied with how the landing page looks, you need to publish it online. You can choose to print with Instapage, but you’ll need to use a URL with the subdomain. Also, you can publish it on Facebook as a page or use the WordPress plugin to publish the page to your website. For advanced techies, you can print the page to website servers.

Features offered by

While most landing page tools provide the basic landing page templates and design tools, Instapage has fantastic features that help you to build landing pages and ensure that they convert.

Lead Generation System

Instapage has email list building and digital asset delivery, features that are meant for lead generation. You don’t want visitors who go through your website and never sign up or buy the products on offer. The intention is to make them recurring customers whether it’s through email marketing or webinars. Instapage has a lead generation system that makes this possible.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Lead Nurturing System

You can now connect your landing pages to as many third-party tools as you please. Research from Marketing Sherpa indicates that 84% of nurtured leads convert into customers. With Instapage, you have a platform that allows you to integrate lead nurturing platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Form Builder

You can now create a form with Instapage form builder button on the dashboard. You can further customize the form depending on your preferences.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Collaboration Tools

You can now share your landing page design with your clients or organization. With the collaboration tool, you can chat with your clients or peers on what it takes to create a successful design. Furthermore, it enables you to send new leads to some departments for a smooth process.

The audit log allows you to check in on customer history. For example, if someone had trouble signing up or buying products on offer, you can see their activity using this tool.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Instapage secure sub accounts enable you to keep the client’s private data safe and under control. Only authorized users can access these accounts. These accounts can also be used to separate teams within a sales or marketing departments for maximum control.

With an advanced sub account, you can organize a team workspace, manage team interactions, and maintain a client’s privacy. A team member can only participate in such an account through invitation.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Drag and Drop Builder

Instapage has a drag and drop builder that allows you to move around specific elements, add images, change colors, and change how the branding appears.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Heatmapping Paired with A/B Testing

Unlike other conventional landing page software, Instapage does a perfect job of combining standard A/B testing and Heatmapping. You can see mouse movements, scroll depths, and view actions like clicks. All these actions are displayed in bright colors. You can see if a particular call to action button is invisible to visitors.

With the A/B testing, you can check the different call to action buttons and see the number of people who click on each of these buttons. This is an essential feature as you don’t want to operate with guesswork not knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Lead Notifications

If you’re tired of refreshing your pages to see how many leads you’ve acquired, you’ll want to get Instapage as it enables you to receive email and dashboard notification every time you generate a lead.

You can now track the activities of your landing pages without much work as all these notifications are sent instantly to your dashboard and your email.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software
Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Prices Plans at

Instapage updated their pricing structure as of August 2017. You can now choose from Instapage’ three pricing plans. All of these plans come with 50 published landing pages, 200,000 unique visitors each month, and a team of ten.

The team and agency plan starts at $229 a month. It provides you with access to all Instapage products including branded lead notifications and 15 sub accounts. The second tier plan is the optimization plan that starts at $129 a month. This plan has dynamic text replacement, Heatmaps, A/B split testing, and Instapage’s primary features.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

With the core plan that starts at $79 s month, you get access to basic features offered by Instapage. You have access to embedded popup forms, SEO optimization, premium web fonts, pixel-perfect design, SSL certificates, and custom code editing.

Unlike other landing page builders, Instapage has a 14-day free trial that allows you to test out the platform. Furthermore, you don’t need to sign up or enter your credit card details to get access to this trial. You can try out the platform without any pressure.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Criticism of

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Although Instapage has fantastic products on offer, it has certain disadvantages. The landing pages are limited to 200,000 visitors, and you’ll have to work with one font for the headlines and pages. Also, it doesn’t have some direct integrations with MailerLite, Drip, and Ontraport.

The page builder has no sales page templates, and you’ll have to update the WordPress plugin manually. Instapage also lacks pricing tables for smooth implementation and the annual costs may be too expensive for someone who is starting out in business.

Users have also complained about the lack of flexibility in adjusting backend and visual elements. Some users have reported system interruptions and glitches when creating their landing pages.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Customer Support at

Instapage has leading customer support with email channels and live chat options. Live chat allows you to directly contact the service without the hassle of going through a phone call or sending an email. Emails and live chats are responded to promptly.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

The company has case studies, eBooks, guides, and webinars that you can go through to understand further the services and tools offered. These guides are detailed and delve into topics like ecommerce and online marketing.

Final Thoughts

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

Instapage is a useful tool if you’re looking for a simple way to build landing pages. It has a fantastic selection of landing page templates, which makes editing and publishing a breeze. What’s more, you can pick and place elements on your landing page with ease.

With unique features like Heatmaps and with constant updates on their platform, you are guaranteed a quality service. Their 14-day free trial allows you to experiment and try out some of their products. When using Instapage, you’re not only paying for the features, but also the functionality that comes with this page builder.

Instapage - The most powerful landing page software

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