9.0Ratings - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more is all about delivering the best bang for your buck possible. The company lists over 70,000 great products for sale in its online store. These range across numerous categories including electronics, mobile phones, sports, outdoors, toys, hobbies, home and garden, jewelry, clothing, and much more. Banggood is committed to offering consistently lower prices on all of these items than its online competitors.

Below is our in-depth review of We take a look at the company’s history, its top features, its pricing, and its customer service. We also briefly touch on the small amount of criticism the company has received from other users. If you are interested in getting some of the best online deals possible (and, really, who isn’t?), then you’d do well to read the review below. - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more

About Banggood was founded in 2004. The company originally specialized in computer software research and development for foreign trade e-commerce. Over the next several years, Banggood transitioned into an online retailer for these same products. They consistently added new products over the years. Today, they have almost everything you could ever think of needing for happy living, entertaining, and eating.

Banggood uses four offices to get their job done. These offices are located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Yiwu. However, they keep their headquarters in Guangzhou. This is where their warehouses, main offices, and customer support team are kept. Over 1,000 employees work for Banggood in Guangzhou to ensure the best possible service possible.

The entire team is committed to providing the lowest prices possible on the highest quality products and professional services. In addition to great products, Banggood is also committed to providing the absolute best customer service and support possible.

Top Features of Banggood

There are a number of amazing features that make such a great place to shop online. Let’s start with the most evident: their prices.

Banggood consistently receives great reviews for their amazingly low prices on great products. Seriously, look at any review online and this is the first thing you’ll notice. This review is no different. It’s hard to find prices that come anywhere close to competing with those offered by Throw in special deals and promotions and the company shines even more brightly.

And then there is the products themselves. As mentioned above, currently sells over 70,000 great products. Better yet, they are constantly stocking new items. Banggood sells some of the latest and greatest products in areas ranging from technology to the outdoors to clothing. Among their best selling products are apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty products, jewelry, and watches. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Banggood’s store of goods goes.

Unlike other extreme online discount stores, all of Banggood’s products are top quality. You can find both name brand items and off brand items on the website. Banggood also provides video demos on most of their products. This helps you know exactly what you are ordering. Furthermore, there is a customer forum section where customers can leave reviews, comments, and questions on Banggood products. This is another helpful resource when looking for the perfect product for you.

Many customers, especially those in North America, are initially wary of ordering from because the company is located in China. People often have concerns about shipping fragile products over such a great distance. Yet I have never had a problem with shipping form Banggood. For starters, they offer worldwide shipping options and even free standard shipping on certain products to certain destinations. Even if free shipping does not cover you, the shipping fee is so low that it does not negatively affect the product’s low price.

Along these same lines, I’ve been very happy with the Banggood shipping experience. All of my products have arrived in a timely manner, as stated. It is worth noting, however, that a few of my Banggood orders have taken up to a month to arrive. But the company let me know about this ahead of time, right when I ordered, so I was not taken off guard. Finally, all of the products that I have ordered from this company have arrived in great condition and fully working. Nothing has ever been damaged during the shipping process.

It goes without saying that you can’t have a great online store without a great website. Fortunately, is easy to navigate. In fact, it is set up in much the same ways as The home page features scrolling pictures of some of the current best deals and promotions they are offering. A categories bar along the left-hand side of the webpage lists the different category products that offers. There is also a section for recommendations and top selling products on the homepage. - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more

Banggood Pricing

Pricing is one of Banggood’s strongest points. The company consistently offers the lowest possible pricing on its wide range of products. They even encourage customers to contact them directly if they can find better deals on the same products on different websites. In these instances, they will review the product and try their best to match or offer an even better deal.

Banggood Customer Service - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more

Great customer service is essential for any company, especially those operating solely online. does not disappoint in this department.

For starters, they provide an extensive amount of support information on their website alone. There is a lengthy FAQ section on all aspects of the business. The FAQ section is available in over twenty different languages.

The two primary types of live customer support offered by are their phone support line and live chat support. I tested out both and can attest that they are both outstanding. Live chat support is probably your best option as responses are prompt, professional, and helpful. Banggood’s phone support is equally prompt, professional, and helpful with friendly and knowledgeable representatives. The only negative here is that many of them don’t have a superior grasp of English, so it can be a bit tough to find the information you are looking for. - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more

Banggood Criticism

There are few things to complain about when it comes to The only two problems that I ran into (other than some minor difficulty understanding live phone customer support representatives) were difficult selecting shipping and selection of payment type.

The difficulty with selecting shipping was multipronged. It was hard to figure out how to select the type of shipping you want. It is also difficult to enter you delivery address. It took me about five minutes or so to figure out how to do both of these things.

It was also slightly confusing to select the payment method you wanted. I wanted to pay on my credit/debit card and could not find this option at first. You actually have to select “checkout with PayPal” to use your credit/debit card. This allows you to then select between the two options (PayPal or credit/debit). To me, this is a highly unintuitive setup.

As far as I can tell, the two criticisms I discussed above are the two most common for other users/reviewers around the web.

Final Review of - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more is one of the best online stores for buying a wide range of products. They consistently offer some of the absolute best deals that you can possibly find on the web. And though you might not find the exact product (brand and model) you are looking for, the product you do receive is nevertheless top notch. Combine this with great customer support and a great (for the most part) website and you have a stellar company all in all.

Those that are looking for one of the cheapest online shopping experiences around would do well to check out - Online shopping for Gadgets, RC helicopters, mobile phones, fashion items and more

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