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There has been discussion about the benefits of eating healthy for decades, and rightly so. However, within the last several years, the definition of healthy eating has changed to the point where there is a whole lot of different subcategories that have branched from the original concept. One of the more fascinating subcategories that are out there is the one that focuses on the digestive process itself. This group focuses on essentially bringing a person’s digestive tract into an optimal level of homeostasis. In other words, it is tied to the process of making sure the food that you eat gets broken down and utilized as efficiently as possible.

In a nutshell, that subcategory is the prime mover behind Body Ecology. The bevy of products that they sell are all part of a greater process in which are said to weaken the immune system are replaced with foods rich in probiotics, superfoods, and unrefined oils and fats. And in a landscape where this approach to eating has picked up a significant amount of steam, it would appear as if Body Ecology is poised to be at the movement’s forefront.

About Body Ecology

Body Ecology is the brainchild of Dr. Donna Gates. She is the person that introduced the natural sweetener stevia to the U.S. market back in 1994 as a natural alternative to sugar, and she is also the person that launched the Body Ecology Diet; a regiment that is essentially sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and rich in probiotic foods. Her body of work, and the products that are featured at Body Ecology, all tie into the notion of helping a person manage what she dubs “the inner ecosystem,” otherwise known as our digestive tract.


Today, the products that Body Ecology sells are all designed to emphasize the link between digestive health and diet, all in a natural way. These primarily manifest themselves in the form of pills and supplements that allow customers to easily live the edible lifestyle that is behind Gates’ methodologies, from superfood supplements to food fermentation starter kits.

Ultimately, Body Ecology’s model is that they want people to live in a manner that defies what their age might happen to be. It’s a noble goal, and it is one that according to the website, products, and Dr. Gates’ own philosophy, they are bound and determined to carry out every step of the way. - Online Healthy diet and Nutritional Supplement source

Top Products of Body Ecology

The products that Body Ecology sells are broken into different categories; each of which are designed to carry out Dr. Gates’ philosophy in a different way.

One of these categories is superfoods; supplements that are designed to provide a boost to your immune system as it helps to manage your weight, increase your energy, and detoxify your body from impurities that may hinder your overall health. The featured product in this category is Vitality SuperGreen. Available in either powder or capsule form, the supplement is designed to help rebuild intestinal lining as it aids in maintaining a healthy mucosal lining.

Another key category is probiotics, which are split up into beverage and culture starter categories. Probiotics, essentially, are natural gut microflora that helps defend the body against harmful bacteria, thus providing a sustained measure of health for your digestive tract. The most popular product in this overarching category is the CocoBiotic 750mL beverage. It is a drink that is made from the probiotic liquid extracted from young coconuts, and is designed to promote intestinal microflora and your energy level without being too egregious on your calorie count.

Another interesting category that Body Ecology lists on their site is that of fermented foods. These particular foods are said to contain a pretty eclectic array of health benefits, from lowering you cholesterol to building up your immune system. The top product in this intriguing category is the Kefir Starter; a product that promotes a more efficient means of fat, protein, and carbohydrate digestion.

Other product categories that can be found on the Body Ecology website include digestive aids, cleanse aids, and mineral supplements. Those that are really serious about the philosophies behind Body Ecology can also purchase books and other educational materials. - Online Healthy diet and Nutritional Supplement source

Body Ecology Prices

Body Ecology’s products are priced competitively in comparison to other businesses in the industry. And like a lot of similar businesses, they do offer various discounts on their products, particularly if you sign up for one of their subscription services. They also offer various bundled products through their Body Ecology Core Program that are designed to allow people to concentrate on a specific aspect of health. These bundles offer 30 day supplies of materials and are priced to save customers a little money by buying in bulk of sorts. The company also offers free shipping on orders over $120.00.

Criticism of Body Ecology

The one minor criticism about Body Ecology is that they don’t devote enough of their website talking about who they are. Rather, the site is filled with language that is geared toward educating people on what their products are and why their products exist.

On its own, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, their desire to educate their customers on the Body Ecology diet and how their products come into play with that dietary plan is in some ways a bit admirable. However, there is no context to go along with this information other than Dr. Gates’ story.

For those that are into the Body Ecology philosophy already, this may be something that goes unnoticed. Yet for those that don’t know about what Body Ecology is or what Dr. Gates’ connection to this particular kind of diet is, this lack of “who” may be a bit off-putting, if not intimidating.

Customer Support

beautiful customer support girl

With that being said, Body Ecology has a wealth of ways to keep their customers informed on the science behind the Body Ecology experience. People that explore the site can uncover a wide swath of articles pertaining to various conditions and how Body Ecology’s philosophies tie into treating them. These range from articles on the usual suspects like weight loss and pregnancy to more somewhat obscure articles that are built on adrenal fatigue and leaky gut.

The company website does contain a dedicated FAQ section that is filled with plenty of information pertaining to product usage and tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of the products that are sold. If you wish to contact an individual pertaining to the business side of things, you can do so by either telephone or by e-mail.

Conclusion - Online Healthy diet and Nutritional Supplement source

It’s no secret that the notion of gaining health or maintaining a certain level of healthiness is something that is relevant to the interests of a lot of people. And as the concept of health gets split in to various branches of health, it is more important than ever to have a semblance of guidance regarding the best ways in which to maximize the usage of these branches. To that end, Body Ecology excels. Yes, their form of health and healthy living goes beyond the basic tenants of health that we may be familiar with. However, that’s precisely what makes them and the products that they sell so intriguing. Their products are essentially made with the mission to bring health to the body’s own ecosystem from the digestive tract on out. Based on the acumen behind Dr. Gates and the high-quality of the products that the company sells, it is pretty clear that they succeeding in carrying out this mission, one customer at a time. - Online Healthy diet and Nutritional Supplement source

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