BulkSupplements.com Review

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Just like many other goods you’d buy from wholesalers or warehouses, if you purchase something in bulk, you’re going to get much better prices than if you’d purchase over and over again in individual packaging. So if you’re going to be using any type of fitness supplements as part of your daily diet and exercise regimen, why not buy these in bulk as well, considering you’re going to be needing and using them for long periods of time?

That’s the exact question that BulkSupplements.com has set to provide the answer for. A wholesale supplier of over 300 pure nutritional supplements and ingredients, BulkSupplements.com’s promise to both consumers and retailers looking to purchase from them is simple: they offer a huge product selection, unbeatable prices, and excellent customer service.

Located in Henderson, Nevada, BulkSupplements.com is a FDA-Registered facility that’s fully dedicated to maintaining all health code and government regulations, ensuring that you can safely purchase products that you feel confident using and/or providing to others.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Top Features Of BulkSupplements.com

Simply put, one of the best parts of shopping on BulkSupplements.com is your ability to browse and purchase nearly any diet, health, or fitness supplement you need. The website does a great job of pointing consumers in the right direction, categorizing their products by category, goal, or a list of all available products.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

That way, those consumers who might not be 100% sure of exactly what they’re looking for, or might be there to research items that could help them with their health and fitness goals, can better find whatever they’re seeking, and those consumers who know exactly what they want can quickly and easily find it:

Athletic Supplements

For the fitness enthusiasts, the “gym buffs,” and those who regularly participate in any type of sport, BulkSupplements.com offers all the staple products that consumers in this group usually seek. You can find anything from protein powders (of all types), Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), weight/fat loss boosters, and all the requisite supplements associated with muscle growth and recovery.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Daily Health

Maybe you’re someone who’s looking for that extra dietary supplement that’s going to help improve the quality of your general day-to-day life. If so, BulkSupplements.com has you covered. You can search for anything from gender-specific vitamins, to supplements supporting digestive support, heart health, joint & bone health, overall mental wellness, and even skin care & beauty.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Specialty Needs

Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you’re looking for one specific but hard-to-find health item, and you simply can’t seem to find it in any store or on any website? You’re very likely to find those on BulkSupplements.com as well. The website offers a vast variety of organic products, herbal extracts, sugar substitutes/artificial sweeteners, and many other such items in between.

And because BulkSupplements.com is a wholesale supplier, you’re able to buy any of these products in virtually any amount or quantity you’re looking for. If you want to try out a certain product, you can buy just a few servings-worth of it. If you happen to be a retailer for a given product and thus need to buy as much of it as possible, you can purchase quantities as large as a metric ton!

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Just like the majority of reliable, high-quality e-commerce websites, BulkSupplements.com shows ratings and reviews left by actual customers, to assist in potential purchasing decisions and help overcome any doubts. Anyone who wants to leave a review must be a registered user of the site, and each review shows their username, ensuring that the reviews are as real and as objective as possible.

The site also doesn’t filter out reviews, or only show the positive ones; you can just as easily find customers who weren’t quite as thrilled with a purchase as you would find a customer who gushes about how happy they were with their purchase.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

BulkSupplements.com Prices

Of course, the main benefit you’re looking for, when purchasing from a bulk supplier, is the best possible pricing. As we mentioned, BulkSupplements.com prides themselves on providing “unbelievable” prices to customers.

Don’t just take their — or our — word for it; if you do a bit of comparison shopping between BulkSupplements.com and other fitness & health supplement sellers online for yourself, you’ll see that their pricing promise isn’t just empty words.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Plus, on top of their great prices, you can not only instantly receive 5% off your first purchase when you sign up for their company newsletter, but you’ll also receive bigger discounts based on larger purchases. For many products on the website, if you purchase two of the same item, you can receive an additional 3% off, and if you buy eight of the same item, you can receive 7% off.

While some may think there’s no point in purchasing eight orders of the same item, there are plenty of wholesale sellers who will purchase quantities that are much larger than eight orders, or there may be individuals who know they love a given product, and will use it on an everyday basis. For those people, a 7% discount would be highly welcomed.

However, great prices won’t mean much if a company makes shifts the costs to the consumer by making shipping much more costly, or if the cost-savings isn’t worth the additional shipping time it’ll take for the consumer to reach the product. BulkSupplements.com ensures neither of those scenarios occurs when anyone purchases from them.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

First, they offer free shipping on all purchases of $49 or more. Given the wide variety of supplements that you’ll be able to shop from on the site, and the going rate of most supplement prices on the market anyway, it won’t be difficult to hit that price threshold.

Plus, BulkSupplements.com provides same-day shipping for purchases made during regular business hours (Pacific Standard Time). This free and fast shipping applies to orders made and delivered within the United States, but Bulksupplements.com does ship their products to 21 additional countries around the world, including most of Europe, Australia, and several countries in the Asian Pacific.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

BulkSupplements.com Customer Service

BulkSupplements.com takes great pride in ensuring their customers enjoy a great purchasing experience. If you have any questions about buying from them, their staff of over 25 full-time employees are devoted to providing the highest levels of customer service and support to current or potential consumers and can be reached seven days a week from 7:30 PM to 4:00 PM (PST) through live chat, phone, and email.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

If you spend a few minutes of time perusing through the reviews left by customers, you’ll see that many of them praise the responsiveness and the courteousness of the staff at BulkSupplements.com.

Criticism of BulkSupplements.com

Speaking objectively, there are two key tradeoffs when purchasing from BulkSupplements.com, which you’ll have to keep in mind when making your purchase:

No Brand Names

If you’re expecting to find rock-bottom prices on health and fitness products sold by the “big name” producers in the industry, then BulkSupplements.com will admittedly leave you disappointed. The site sells the actual supplements themselves, instead of selling supplements created and packaged by other companies.

The best way to think of this is similar to when you’re at the grocery store or the drug store. You’ll see one specific item sold by many different brands at many different prices; however, the store brand will almost always be the cheapest. Savvy shoppers know that more often than not (if not always), the store brand offers the exact same quality of material as the “name brands.”

Extending that analogy, think of BulkSupplements.com as a place where they only sell “store brand” supplements, which is why they can offer the prices they have.

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site


Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

Along similar lines, BulkSupplements.com keeps their production costs low, so that they can translate that cost-savings into the best possible prices for their customers. That means keeping their packaging exactly the same across all of their supplements: you’ll receive the same ziplock bag, in different sizes (depending on the quantity ordered), for each and every item. So, admittedly, if you order multiple products from BulkSupplements.com and keep them in the same place in your home once you receive them, you might run into a situation where you pick up the wrong bag because they all look the same.

Also, a look through the consumer reviews does reveal a few complaints that the zip-top bags do not stay sealed very well, and customers end up having to either use bag clips or roll up the bag, to keep the bag sealed.

To many people, neither of these items are a big deal. Those people are looking for a product that works well and doesn’t set them back an unnecessary amount of money. In other words, they’d rather enjoy the costs savings when purchasing a near-identical product, even if it comes with a few minor drawbacks.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

For the majority of consumers looking to buy health and fitness supplements, they’re looking for three things when shopping for supplements online. They’re looking for the highest quality product at the best available price, and inexpensive (if not free) shipping that will be delivered as quickly as possible.

BulkSupplements.com’s beauty is in its simplicity. It gives you the ability to easily shop online and pick the vitamins and supplements you are looking for, without having to go to the store and deal with the nosey salesperson that’s trying to push a particular brand (and get a higher commission in the process), or having to decide between a variety of brands that all seem to offer the same thing at different prices.

You can get great prices from a lot of different websites. You can get a wide selection of high-quality supplements from many different websites. And you can get great deals on fast, free shipping from lots of websites. But BulkSupplements.com is one of the few — if any — sites that offer all three under the same “roof.”

Bulk supplements and nutrition powder site

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