CoolHandle Review


CoolHandle Review

These days, there are so many different web hosting companies to choose from. It simply is not practical to test out all of the hosting businesses to figure out which is best for you. That is where we come in. We are systematically looking at all of these web hosts to see which ones cut the mustard. In this entry, we review CoolHandle.

About CoolHandle

In 2001, a group of IT professionals wanted to raise the standard of the booming web hosting industry. From this, CoolHandle was born. By providing friendly support and professional service, CoolHandle seeks to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. They are able to handle any hosting needs and bring a wealth of knowledge.


For over a decade, CoolHandle has been providing web hosting services on all types of hosting platforms and operating systems, such as Linux and Apache. CoolHandle’s servers are located in a state of the art data center in Los Angeles, California. It shares the building with twelve of the world’s largest internet providers.

CoolHandle is able to take avoid dropping packets when there are bursts of traffic because they keep their connections at under 50 percent utilization. Once the load reaches that point, they just add more capacity. They realize how important it is to protect your data and keep your website up, so they use redundant connectivity and massively overbuild their hardware.

Top Features of CoolHandle

All CoolHandle plans come with the following standard features:

  • Site transfer – Switching between web hosts can be a real pain. CoolHandle takes care of the whole process for you. They offer free database, domain, script, and file transfers.
  • MySQL databases – CoolHandle has one of the most reliable and powerful database services available thanks to countless hours of perfecting it.
  • cPanel control panel – cPanel is the most used control panel in the world. If you have experience running a website, it is likely you have used this before.

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  • Around the clock technical support – CoolHandle boasts that they have the best support staff in the industry. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, every day of the year.
  • Website traffic – All accounts receive unlimited bandwidth.
  • Multi-domain hosting – You can use unlimited domains with a lot of CoolHandle’s accounts.


CoolHandle uses Intel-based servers known for being rock solid and cutting edge to allow for increased stability and up time. They monitor their servers 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Keep the servers up and running is their top priority. To keep sites running without any disruption, the technicians work proactively in identifying any potential problems coming down the pike.

With some of CoolHandle’s plans, you can get as many dedicated IP addresses as you want. With others, you need to pay a bit extra to get more than the minimum. Most websites do not need dedicated IP addresses, but for those advanced users, it can boost the security, account access, performance, and compatibility for your website.

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CoolHandle gives all sites free domain privacy. When you register your domain name, your email, phone number, and name can become public knowledge via the WhoIs database. This allows solicitors, spammers, and other prying eyes to see your information at all times. You are protected by CoolHandle because they are able to mask your information with generic information.

For $195, CoolHandle offers a custom web design package. You tell them exactly how you want it to look, and their team of experience web developers and graphic designers go to work. You get up to seven unique pages created professionally with their web site creator. Best of all, the whole site is customizable to precisely fit your needs.

CoolHandle Prices

CoolHandle offers three basic web hosting plans: Starter, Business, and Pro. The Starter Plan is $29.95 per month. It comes with free setup, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, domain privacy, and a free domain name. There are five domains total allowed on this plan as well as five parked domains. You also get five sub domains and five FTP accounts.

Coolhandle - web hosting providers

The Business Plan is a little bit more expensive at $39.95 per month. You get all of the same features as the Starter Plan plus you are allowed 100 domains, 100 parked domains, 100 sub domains, and 100 FTP accounts. Like the name suggests, this would be great for a decent sized business. As far as databases go, you will have 100 PostgreSQL databases and 100 MySQL databases.

Finally, the Pro Plan is $49.95 per month and builds upon the Business Plan by offering unlimited everything. You get unlimited domains, parked domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, PostgreSQL databases, MySQL databases, and email boxes.

All of the plans are ready designed for ecommerce as well. There are many shopping carts to choose from and ways to accept payment.

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The Downsides of Using CoolHandle

We had a little bit of trouble getting started. The issue was just getting the hang of the user interface. After spending a couple hours with it, though, I felt like I was an old pro. It just has a little bit of a learning curve. A review of the web hosting discussion forums showed a generally positive sentiment toward CoolHandle.

CoolHandle Customer Support

CoolHandle’s support team is always on. On their website, you can get a hold of them using their support ticket system, live chat, flash tutorials, large knowledgebase, and their toll free phone number. They are always available: seven days a week, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. I put this to the test late on a Saturday night. They were able to give me the answers I needed and some links to tutorials if I needed further information.

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Great features, great customer service, and great add-ons: CoolHandle proves why they have been an industry leader for over a decade. We strongly recommend checking them out. The great thing is that you can take CoolHandle for a test drive with zero risk. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. What are you waiting for?

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