Rogue Fitness Review

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment

Finding a reliable store to purchase your weightlifting gear from is important, especially if you are trying to stock a gym or other weightlifting facility.

There are tons of online stores that sell this equipment, and in this review, we’ll take a look at Rogue Fitness to see what makes them different from the rest and how they can meet your weightlifting needs.

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment


About Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness was founded in 2006, and is located in Columbus, OH. Since they were founded, they have continued to grow and thrive. Rogue Fitness has humble beginnings. They started in a garage by a group of people who wanted to change the industry. At first, they were only focused on the CrossFit® Community, but they quickly started to branch out into strongman, powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

There store brings all the weightlifting manufactures to one place, which offers customers one stop shopping. They have aligned with many different top CrossFit® Games athletes, including Rich Froning, Mikko Salo and Christy Phillips.

Their partnership with Ahmik Jones really helped evolve them into what they are today. They strive to offer a place where you can purchase all your weightlifting equipment and accessories, whether you are an individual or part of a facility. They honestly listen to their customers and make changes based on customer suggestions and complaints. In fact, they offer both a suggestion box and customer survey on their site. This proves their commitment to satisfying customers and transforming their business to meet the needs and wants of their customers.

Top Features of Rogue Fitness

The main feature of Rogue Fitness is the products they offer. They mostly sell weightlifting and strength training equipment and accessories. However, they also offer shoes, apparel and nutrition. They have a specific section for equipment compatible with CrossFit®, but they also sell gear, bars, plates, rigs, racks and other sports-related equipment and accessories.

If you have your own website, you can sight up as an affiliate. You post banner ads or links on your site that send customers back to Rogue Fitness. If someone buys an item after clicking on the banner or link, you earn a commission. Commissions are paid out via PayPal once the total reaches $100.

Rogue Fitness also has a physical retail store. It is located in Columbus, OH and open Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM and Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. However, they do not sell their heavy equipment or accessories in their retail store. You can, however, purchase those product online and then pick them up in the store. Items are usually ready for pick up within four business days.

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment

Rogue Fitness Prices

Rogue Fitness sells a huge selection of items. Depending on what you buy, you could end up spending thousands of dollars or significantly less. They also sell a wide variety of brands, including their own and other name brands. As a result, it is impossible to list the prices of every product in this review. However, since Rogue Fitness specializes in equipment that tends to be expensive, expect to pay a high price.

To help, Rogue Fitness offers financing. This is their lease process, and it is designed to help businesses like gyms or other weightlifting facilities that will be spending thousands to stock their facilities. You’ll need to include your business information and personal information for all owners. In return, if you are approved, you get 100 percent financing with no down payment. You’ll be able to start using your equipment immediately in return for a low monthly payment and flexible terms.

Whether you’re stocking a facility, or just buying for yourself, Rogue Fitness offers many different ways to earn free shipping. When buying such large items, free shipping is extremely important for cutting costs. There are four ways you can earn free shipping at Rogue Fitness:

  • 3 Ships Free: If you buy three items from their 3 Ships Free section, those items are shipped with no shipping cost to you
  • Select items: Some items simply have free shipping, regardless of how many you buy. They mostly include apparel and shoes
  • Buy a rig: If you buy an Infinity, Monster or Monster Lite Rig, your entire order ships free to anywhere in the contiguous United States, regardless of size or weight
  • Spend over $5,000: If you spend over $5,000 at Rogue Fitness, your order ships for free to anywhere in the contiguous United States

Criticism of Rogue Fitness

There really isn’t much to complain about Rogue Fitness. It would be nice if they provided their customer service representative hours, but that is a small issue when faced with the robust selection they offer. Secondly, although they do offer many great ways to earn free shipping, most people buying one or two items for their home gym aren’t going to get free shipping. Unless you are a gym, you probably won’t spend over $5,000 or buy a rig. So the only way you’ll get free shipping is if you only buy items that qualify for free shipping.

Another minor complaint is that their financing option seems to only be for companies. However, much of their equipment is expensive, even things you may buy for your home gym. It would also be nice if they offered some kind of financing if you are an individual. Other than those minor complaints, Rogue Fitness seems like a great place to buy your weightlifting and CrossFit® equipment.

We turned to outside sources to read reviews about Rogue Fitness, but there still wasn’t much negative information regarding the store. People are generally satisfied with the products and the speed of shipping.

Customer Support

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment

Customer support is available via live chat, phone, fax and email. To make things easy, they provide their email address and a contact form via their website, so you can email them directly there. Unfortunately, they do not provide the times representatives are available by phone and live chat. Also, their phone number is not toll-free. In addition, they do not tell you when to expect a reply if you send an email.

If you have a frequently asked question, there is a chart and checkout FAQ. This provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding shopping and buying at Rogue Fitness. They also allow you to track your order, learn about returns, product policies and warranties. There is a suggestion box and a customer survey available as well.

Additional help and information about Rogue Fitness and weightlifting can be found on the Rogue Fitness blog. It provides additional frequently asked questions and information about the store as well as tips and advice regarding weightlifting.

If you are ordering for a facility or have highly specific needs, Rogue Fitness offers a custom quote. Simply fill out the form, and Rogue Fitness will get back to you with a quote to meet your needs. This is great if you are outfitting a CrossFit® affiliate or equipping a weightlifting facility or rehabilitation center.

Final Thoughts

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment

Whether you want to create your own home gym or you are stocking a weightlifting facility, Rogue Fitness is a great shop to meet all your needs. They seem to focus more on stocking facilities, but that is to be expected as most people don’t have the money to spend hundreds or thousands creating their own home gym.

We definitely recommend Rogue Fitness because their online store is credible and they even have a physical location. Plus, most customers seem happy with their Rogue Fitness interaction.

Rogue Fitness - Online store for strength and conditioning equipment

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