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Trends Gal is an online fashion store that primarily sells women’s clothes and accessories, although it does have a section for men, too.

The website doesn’t provide much information about the company. Since I’ve been using their services for a while, now, I can say that it is based in Asia, sells a lot of wholesale items, and participates in dropshipping. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more


Top Features of Trends Gal

The number one feature of Trends Gal is its prices, but more on that in the section below.

Second to the low prices, I appreciate how easy the website makes it for me to find the clothes I want. It gives you several ways to search and browse items. Each item has a picture that shows you exactly what the clothing looks like. You also get some basic information about materials and design. All of those features are helpful to me. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

The site also lists items by categories. If you know that you want to buy a sweater, but you don’t know exactly what type of sweater you want, then you can just click that section to browse available items. Once in the sweater section (or any other section for that matter), you can also organize items by price, reviews, how many Facebook likes they have gotten, and which ones have been recommended often. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

I want to mention one more feature that is kind of related to the low prices. Trends Gal has an incentives program that rewards you for every purchase you make. You can also earn T points, as they’re called, by:

  • Uploading an avatar to your account
  • Reviewing items you have bought
  • Posting reviews and photos on social media

Every 50 points that you earn is worth $1.00. Considering how low the prices already are, a little easy work can help you buy these items for next to nothing. It’s pretty amazing how little money I have spent on some of my favorite clothes from Trends Gal. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

Trends Gal Prices

Trends Gal specializes in wholesale clothing, so you can expect to buy most items at discounted prices. The online store has plenty of sales that can save you up to 90% of some items. If you really want to save money, visit the site’s clearance section. Trends Gal wants to sell these items as quickly as possible, so the store often prices them at ridiculously low prices. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

I once got a floral print dress from the clearance page that had a slightly irregular hem for less than $3.50. I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting (it seems like there are several ways that you could define “irregular hem”). It turns out that they had used the wrong thread on the hem. Originally it was supposed to use white thread, but the one I got used blue thread. Honestly, it looked just as good as the original with the correct hem. I don’t know why they didn’t make another listing for it and sell it at original price. Not that I’m complaining!

Criticisms of Trends Gal

angry girl showing a clock

The most common complaint about Trends Gal is that people don’t receive their orders in a timely manner. Some people report that they have had to wait nearly a month. Some say that their packages never arrived at all.

I’ve experienced delayed deliveries from Trends Gal, but the orders have always reached me eventually. I understand that it’s sometimes frustrating to wait, but, seriously, what do you think happens when someone ships you a package from halfway around the world? Some of those packages have to go through several customs agencies before they even reach your country. And once they do reach your country, they can sit at customs for days or weeks. Some countries let packages pass right through without any problem. Others seem like they want to hold them forever. What are they doing with those things for all that time?!

Some delays may be Trends Gal’s fault. I mean, stuff happens. Orders get misplaced; packages get lost. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve had to contact major retailers in the United States about delays, too. It’s not like this is necessarily a sign that Trends Gal is a shady company that’s trying to steal your money. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

Probably the most frustrating version of this complaint comes from people who are mad that their wedding dresses didn’t arrive on time. Seriously, what were you thinking? You ordered your wedding dress from a company located thousands of miles from you! That is not a smart thing to do. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

It’s best to use Trends Gal for when you want to buy everyday items. If you buy a cute dress, it doesn’t really matter whether it arrives tomorrow or next month. It just matters that you eventually get it. If you have a deadline, you need to order from a local business. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for a very bad day.

Besides, you know you’re not spending much money on these clothes. You can’t expect them to give you the same customer service that you would get at J Crew or something. If it’s that important to you, then you need to spend more money. This seems pretty simple to me. Common sense, people. Common sense!

Trends Gal Customer Support

There is one way to contact customer support at Trends Gal. You need to submit a ticket via the company’s website. It’s not exactly the most convenient thing in the world, but it works reasonably well for what it is.

Think about it this way. If you ran a company that dealt with consumers all over the world, you wouldn’t want them calling your customer service reps, either. You never know what languages they will speak. The company could set up a multi-language call center, but that’s going to raise prices. I’d rather wait an extra day to get an email response than pay higher prices. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

Again, if sounds unreasonable to you, then I would suggest shopping at a local store where you can talk to someone face to face. Prepare to spend at least ten times the money that you would give Trends Gal, though.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trends Gal

What payment options does Trends Gal accept?

Is there a return policy?

How can I return items to Trends Gal? - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

Pros of Using Trends Gal

  • Extremely cheap prices
  • Plenty of clothing, accessories, and beauty products
  • Secure website with certification
  • Opportunities to earn points for extra discounts

Cons of Using Trends Gal

  • Shipping is sometimes slow. Be prepared to wait at least eight to 15 days for your order to arrive in the U.S. (times vary by location)
  • Doesn’t provide a customer service phone number (send an email instead)

Conclusion - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

Trends Gal isn’t the perfect company. Unless you live in Asia, you’re going to wait at least one week for your order to arrive. Many times, it takes longer than that. In return, though, you get extremely low prices on trending fashions for women and men. The wide range of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories keeps me coming back over and over again.

I would not recommend Trends Gal to someone who needs to receive an order quickly. If you’re ordering a wedding dress, do yourself a favor and choose a company based in your own country. It will almost certainly cost more, but you have a better chance of getting your package on time.

If, however, you aren’t in a rush and you just want to save money on beautiful clothing, then Trends Gal is a great option. I’ve bought plenty of things from this company and never had any serious problems. If it weren’t for the delayed delivery, I think a lot of people would consider this one of their favorite online stores. - Online wholesale clothing, cheap dresses, bags , jewelery and more

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