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Everyone loves a concert, sports event or night out at the theater, but what they don’t like, is unreliable ticket options. offers a solid performing, easy to access and unlimited way to find the right seat at the right price. offers a massive selection of events to choose from including sports, concerts, and theater, making them easily one of the most competitive vendors in the market. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

About started out in 2002, and with nearly 15 years under their belt, the have helped millions of people find sold-out tickets, hard to find events, and even offer a 200% money back guarantee on all their ticket items.

As part of the First Five Program, TicketNetwork kicked off in July 2011 by receiving a two-part funding program from the State of Connecticut. This $6.3 million dollar loan was granted giving TicketNetwork the funds to hire 200 people over two years, and allocated $250,000 worth of grant money to train engineers. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

Since inception, has become one of the biggest online ticket vendors in the market. They have expanded their ticket platform from not only sports but other events to help customers find the one stop shopping experience they deserve when looking for events and concerts.

TicketNetwork Ticket Products/Features

TicketNetwork provides customers with affordable ticket prices for their favorite activities. Here is a breakdown of the types of tickets you can expect to see

Sports Tickets

Fall is in the air, and that marks one thing, Football season. If you are pumped about this year’s season and want to get front row seats to some of the hottest games on the schedule, then has got you covered. They offer all the major sporting events, including:

College Football

As a personal lover of college football, having easy access to my local games is an invaluable resource, but finding takes this to a whole new level. They offer convenient search categories to satisfy even the biggest college football fans including; American Athletic, ACC, Big 12, SEC, Pac-12 Big Ten, Conference USA, Mid-American, Sun Belt, Mountain West and Independents.

NFL Football

If college football is not your thing and you prefer the big league, then doesn’t fail to deliver. They make it very easy to pick your favorite team and find the right game and seat to cheer on your colors. With the ticket search page broken down into both AFC and NFC, it’s easy to find your way around the site, making purchases a no-brainer. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online


If you feel like online ticket purchases are more like an arm bar than an exciting experience, then fret no more. loves the UFC, and they have proven their love by making UFC even easy to find. With a convenient drop down search menu, you can pick out the location of the event, the day of the week you want to attend, and even the time of day to make the most out of your sporting event.

NBA Basketball

Let’s not forget B-ball. March Madness will be here before you know it, so do you know where to pick up your tickets for the game? We recommend of course, not because it’s a fast and easy way to purchase tickets online, but because they make picking your division an art. In similar fashion to their football layout, the tickets are categorized by section making it easy to get a full schedule glimpse of all the upcoming games.

MLB Baseball

If America’s pastime is more your speed, then does not disappoint. They’re quick to throw a fastball down the middle when it comes to making ticket purchasing easy. You can quickly get to your favorite league, drill down between East, West and Central to find everything you are looking for.


From the classics such as Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper to some of the hottest newcomers including Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, finding your next wrestling fix can be a beautiful thing. provides coverage to all the major WWE events including WWE LIVE, WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, or WrestleMania. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t love live music? certainly has made a name for itself when it comes to concert tickets. They offer an easy user-face that showcases upcoming shows, top artists and a quick synopsis of music venues giving you a bit more information when deciding who you want to see live.

With artist photos next to the event, you can quickly browse through the list visually and search for your favorite artist, instead of having to read a line by line text menu. This feature, while simplistic, actually makes browsing a bit more appealing and easy to do. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

Theatre Tickets

For those who are slightly more polished, don’t feel left out, also has some great prices on theater tickets. They offer some of the biggest stage performances on the market, including The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and even Cirque du Soleil to name a few.

Similar to the concert ticket layout, posts photos of the bill to give customers a visual reference when searching for their favorite act.

Making Events Easy

If you are a bit more ambitious and want to see all the events that has to offer, then you can just click on “view all events” on the left-hand navigation to see every ticket for sale. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

They make it pretty easy to find the type of tickets you’re looking for, categorizing everything alphabetically. Each topic title has its own link to help you drill down even further to find the specific dates and times for the event.

State Event Tracker

One of the other great features that this company has to offer is a tool that allows you to find events in your area. The “state event tracker” page gives you the ability to search your state for upcoming events and concerts.

The main page comes up with a heat map of the United States that you can click on to drill down. They even offer international cities for those looking to catch an event while traveling. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

Gift Cards

They even offer gift cards for those who have family members that are die hard fans! That’s right; you can purchase a gift card, determine the quantity and amount while offering custom gift cards.

They have a few different gift card designs to choose from depending on the occasion including; Happy Fathers Day, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas to name a few.
Promotional Deals

How do the Prices Compare

Okay, so we know that has plenty to offer when it comes to events, but let’s get down to the bottom line. How do they measure up to the competition? We took two basic categories and priced them based on ticket only, and ticket plus parking rates with one of the leading competitors. Here’s what we found:

College Ball Comparison

LSU Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide
$277 for parking and Event Ticket
$345 for Parking and Event Ticket

NFL Comparison

New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos
$71 Event Ticket Only
$50 Event Ticket Only


Criticism of

With so many events to promote, the website itself is a jammed full of information. This can be a bit daunting when you first visit the site. The home page offers a more simple layout, but once you go into a particular category, menus, links and text can easily distract you from a purchase.

Their website design is outdated and could use an overhaul, competing with higher end ticket vendors. However, it covers all the basics of navigation and getting around the site. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

Customer Support has a solid customer support page offering a broad range of help options. You can connect with them through the contact page by calling their listed phone number, sending an email, or even going the snail mail route. - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

They also offer three different social media outlets to communicate making it quite convenient to get your questions answered. In addition to the multiple contact sources, they provide an extensive FAQ page, outlining commonly asked questions.

Final Thoughts - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online

In short, certainly delivers when it comes to a full-service one-stop shopping ticket center. They offer just about every event you can think of, have tons of dates and venues to choose from, provide secure checkout, and are not afraid of giving out their contact information.

Prices are comparable to other ticket vendors, so shopping around for the best price is pretty easy when you get the hang of navigating the site, making them a top choice in comparing best deals in your area. If you are a sports fanatic needing a solid ticket provider, then we highly recommend! - Book concert tickets, sports tickets and theater tickets online