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Dating in general can sometimes be a difficult process to take on. Although the world is filled with so many different types of people, finding the one that fits what you are ideally looking for can be challenging to find in everyday life. Specifically for individuals who prefer Asian women to any other ethnic group of women, it can be a challenge to actually come across someone who fits our personal requirements in the real world. Realistically, the chances of meeting the perfect Asian woman are little to none, especially if you live in an area that is not heavily populated with Asians. Waiting for the chance encounter to take place, may just never happen which is why using a dating website such as will help one find love more quickly and effectively.


Through the AsianBeauties dating website service the chances of finding the perfect Asian beauty are no longer slim, but there is a virtual guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. Once one takes the simple step of filling out a basic information form, one is ready to experience a great new way of finding a dream Asian lover. A niche Internet dating website that has been around for the better part of two decades, AsianBeauties is filled with hundreds of thousands of beautiful women that are yearning to be swept off of their feet.


The website also provides a safe and secure environment to search through numerous profiles and connect with prospective women for dates. What also makes AsianBeauties unique is that the company thoroughly checks every woman who wants to register with the site to ensure that the woman is a real person and has genuine legitimate motives for joining the dating site. This helps weed out any women with questionable tendencies and motives, which should really given one peace of mind when searching the site for a new girlfriend or wife.

Asian women for dating at

Top Features

What makes a coveted site for searching Asian women is its ability to provide a seamless, easy and convenient way to search hassle-free. A top feature of the AsianBeauties website is that it provides one with the option of touring the website before completing one’s entire personal profile. The user is not only given the opportunity to read through a wide variety of available single Asian women’s profiles but one is also able to easily connect with Asian women through connecting with them through various mediums. The site provides notifications that can be sent to a user’s personal e-mail, inbox or phone so that one is able to stay up to date with all notifications on the site.

Asian women for dating at

Upon grazing through profile upon profile, one is able to send prospective dates certain messages or presents with the main goal of attracting a woman’s attention. Since it’s a known fact that women like gifts, no matter what ethnicity, one is able to send flowers, cards, presents in addition to text and video chat invites as well as additional virtual gifting options. Furthermore, what makes AsianBeauties unique is that the site provides lists of available Asian single females living in the United States which can come in handy especially since many viewing the site prefer to not have to go to Asia or another country to find love. While meeting on the Internet is convenient, actually meeting for a face-to-face meeting can be difficult should the relationship develop, so it’s nice to know one will not have to get a passport to meet in person.

Asian women for dating at

After corresponding and sending some gifts, if one is ready to meet an Asian lady face-to-face in her hometown, one can also set a meeting using the Date Me feature. It is important that one has sent 5 letters to your lady and she has replied the 5 letters you have sent her. In order to arrange a visit, the dater has to simply click on the Date Me feature and will arrange the face-to-face meeting with you and your lady.

Another important top feature of the website is that there are no shortage of beautiful women on the site. There are a plethora of women who are beautiful model-like Asian women who are all interested in finding western type men for long term relationships. Upon getting in touch with a woman, the site also provides one with 24/7 customer service and support, which should give one peace of mind when searching for a date. The customer support acts as a security outlet for those who peruse the site since it makes searching for a new date so much more enjoyable knowing that there is a third-party there to help with the process.

Asian women for dating at

Asian Beauties Date Prices/Costs

The site structure of allows one to take their time finding women to connect with prior to making a financial commitment. However, once one has found a woman that one thinks would be a good match, it’s time for one to get serious about the dollars and cents. Messaging multiple women on the Internet can start to add up; to it is firstly important that one does not start to message another until one is serious about making a connection.

While AsianBeauties does not require a monthly membership, it does charge a fee for each transaction that one makes. Transactions are made through purchasing credits on the site, which one is able to buy upfront in bulk. Credits are needed in order to communicate with any women on the site. Specific functions when they are needed include: sending letters, viewing videos and receiving emails from women. On the whole, the credits don’t cost much if you correspond and connect only with one woman. But in reality, you’re bound to communicate with three or five ladies initially.

Asian women for dating at

The rate for credits is 1000 credits for $399, which amounts to approximately $0.40 for each credit. Lower credit purchases would rake up more expenses in the long run, so if one is using the site exclusively to find a beautiful Asian bride, then it makes the most sense to purchase them in bulk since this will help one save money in the long run.

Criticism of

While AsianBeauties does expose one to a plethora of Asian women, there are some drawbacks to the service, which has brought about certain criticisms. The main criticism of the site is that there are an overwhelming number of profiles, which can be cumbersome for the ordinary visitor which may make it hard for one to know which Asian beauty to spend their money on. Another criticism is that the system is also so intelligent that it can guess the exact time that you might want to send a bouquet of flowers to a woman you have been corresponding with for many weeks. This can be a bad thing because it inundates ones inbox with offers and cajoles one to spend even more money. In addition, since every action on the site costs money, it may limit the number of people one looks to seek contact with. This can be both a good and bad aspect of the site since while it really helps one narrow down one’s focus, it can also make one lose out on potential matches due to one’s unwillingness to spend the extra money on additional credits.

Asian women for dating at

Members Communication System

The interface for AsianBeauties has been designed in a manner that makes it easy for one to communicate. While it does cost money to send messages from one to another, the actual communication system is very user-friendly. It is easy to message a prospective date, as long as one has the credits available, a message can be sent by a simple click of the button. In addition, reading responses from women is easy to do as well. Users are notified via pop-up notifications, e-mails and texts which allows one to receive messages the minute that they are sent.

Final Thoughts on - The world's most discreet dating service is the premiere site to go to if you are specifically looking for an Asian mate. It has boasted a success rate 80% in developing long-lasting relationships and the membership is overall free to surf and find matches. The site is a good place to start if you are specifically looking for Asian women but one needs to be prepared to shell out money to fully enjoy its feature and to properly connect and get in touch with your Asian lady. As long as you keep alert of money sinks that are on the sites, you can safely click your way into finding the Asian woman of your dreams.

Asian women for dating at

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