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About AnyProtect - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

These days everyone seems to store all of his/her important files on their computer drive. It’s almost as if one’s entire life is housed within the simple confines of a laptop or desktop computer. Although one might not give much thought to a computer crash, it’s very much a possibility and the chances of this happening increases each year, the older your machine gets. As such, it’s all the more important to make sure that you have all of your documents backed up in other places so that in the event of a crash you are prepared. Luckily, there are companies out there that specialize solely in securing your files should the unexpected happen. Once such company is

Founded in 2010, AnyProtect gives people instant remote access to their desktop from:

  • Any computer (PC, laptop, Mac)
  • Mobile Device (iphone, ipad, android)
  • Any web browser - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

AnyProtect was founded with the guiding principle that online backup should be made easy and accessible for everyone, with no storage limits. AnyProtect is built around the belief that anyone should be able to access the information on their PC, quickly and easily using nothing more than their web browser.

As stated on the company’s website, AnyProtect has a simple mission: “to keep your files, folders and memories safe on the cloud, far away from harm and backed up securely.” The company knows that files on your personal computer are more than just word docs or JPGS, but they know that the documents have meaning. Whether it’s the precious photos from your graduation or vacation, to last year’s tax forms, AnyProtect has created a product that is cost effective, highly secure, and easy-to-use online backup system that boasts high performance data storage.

Top Features Of AnyProtect

Perfectly suited for today’s mobile, on-the-go lifestyle, empowers users to decide where, when and how they want to access their remote desktop by simply logging in to the company’s secure website. The product is designed so that you are able to easily access your documents from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection. You are always just a click away from your documents, mission-critical software programs and photo albums on your PC – whether you’re traveling with a laptop, sitting at an Internet cafe, or even using a game console.

The service has been designed for the mass market, which means that it really does not take too much brainpower and technological know-how to operate. There is no installation on the viewing device, no complicated iPhone apps and no waiting. If you can browse the web, you can retrieve your desktop with two clicks. All one has to do to access the service is visit the secure AnyProtect website and then login with his/her login ID and password. Once one is logged in through the secure web portal, all of one’s documents can be accessed.

The AnyProtect backup system helps protects the precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It’s hassle-free, easy-to-install, completely secure – and backs up your entire PC or Mac, no matter how many files you’ve got.

The system works by scanning one’s personal computer and then automatically starts to upload all of the documents on the hard drive into the cloud. While this may take a few minutes to complete the first time, once you have created an account, the AnyProtect account automatically syncs with your hard drive, so you don’t have to worry about manually syncing yourself.

As a bonus, the AnyProtect site also includes numerous blog entries on ways to protect your documents as well as tutorials to explain how the cloud works. There is even a forum where AnyProtect users can view the most frequently asked questions and even ask questions of his/her choosing. - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

AnyProtect Prices

How much that you pay for the AnyProtect service really depends on which package of the service you decide to purchase. The service comes in three distinct packages.

There is the individual package for $59.99 per year, which allows only yourself (one single computer) to see the documents that are uploaded into the cloud. Then there is the family plan, which allows access of up to three computers. This package costs $99.99 annually. Lastly, there is the small business package, which can really be beneficial for someone who is looking to start a business on his or her own. This package can back up 20 different computers at once and costs $299.99 per year.

No matter the package, each subscription to the service comes with unlimited storage, external hard drive backup and is PC and MAC compliant.

Criticism Of

There has been quite a bit of talk about the AnyProtect product since it hit the market nearly four years ago. Most of the general experiences with the service have been quite positive. As the company has started to grow and server more people, it has not avoided its share of harsh criticisms as well. Some of the biggest criticisms of the service is how sometimes the service seems to be sluggish and freezes quite frequently upon log-in.

This is most likely do to the large number of people who are logging onto the AnyProtect system at the same time. As the company’s user base is increasing, so is the number of files. It’s most likely that AnyProtect did not prepare for the rapid growth of the service in such a short amount of time. This is something that the company is aware of and is working on increasing storage space and bandwidth to hopefully rectify these types of issues in the future. - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

Another criticism of the service is that although the company says that it can be accessed from everywhere with an Internet connection, some users have had troubles accessing the network while traveling Internationally. It seems that AnyProtect has had some licensing issues with the product in certain countries, which is why the service may have been temporarily unavailable. In any case, the service is much better used domestically and should not be fully depended on to use when abroad.

Customer Support

AnyProtect really values its customers and as such the company really makes it easy to get in touch with representatives should one need assistance. The website offers 24/7 customer support and allows users to get in touch via telephone and e-mail. In addition, the FAQ page allows users to view the most commonly asked questions, which can definitely be a time saver.

Final Thoughts - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

Technology can really be unpredictable, which means that it is really in one’s best interest to start backing up everything that you do on your personal computer in the cloud. AnyProtect really makes it easy to set up an account and sync your computer to the cloud. The service is also reasonably priced and offers a good amount of customer support and back-up advice. It has the ability to be accessed from anyplace where there is an Internet connection and can even connect to your mobile devices.

The unlimited storage space really is clutch in this industry, since many of AnyProtect’s competitors charge additional fees for such a service. It’s really true that with AnyProtect, your mind will be at ease knowing that all of your important and precious documents are safe should something happen to your computer. The AnyProetect product is really like taking out an insurance policy on your virtual life. Don’t wait until it’s too late, sign up with today! - online backup, secured and unlimited for home business

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