SEOBook Review


SEOBook Review

SEO - Online SEO training website

Traffic generation on the Internet relies on search engine optimization. It is a very tricky and complex science that utilizes multiple factors to determine your website’s place in the search engines.

If you do not master SEO, as it is commonly called, early on, you may find yourself facing a whole slew of problems in the future.

The fact is that search engine optimization is a must-have capability these days. If you do not understand it and do not implement it wrong, you will inevitably fail.


Enter SEOBook, the most respected and well-known SEO training program in the world. It originally popped up on the Internet in 2003 as a small website with a few basic SEO tips. Founded by Aaron Wall, the site has now become the most trusted resource for aspiring Web developers, Internet entrepreneurs, and SEO analysts.


And unlike the millions of other SEO blogs and websites on the Internet, SEOBook actually makes sense. There are two reasons for this:

  • Frankly, the site is not full of crap. When it comes to SEO, the Internet is unfortunately full of sleazy salesperson trying to trick you into buying their lousy products. The fact is that a lot of people get interested in SEO because they believe it’s a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is extraordinarily incorrect. It’s a tough system that requires commitment and knowledge, and it just so happens that SEOBook specializes in both.
  • Secondly, accessing the site requires paying for a rather pricey membership. The membership is kept like this to keep lazy, cheap people out. If all the tricks of SEO were readily made available to the world, the market would quickly become over-saturated. Aaron realized this, which is why he’s done his best to limit membership to only those who are genuinely serious about practicing SEO and doing so ethically.

However, there is one part of it that is completely free, and that is the blog. It’s updated every few days and provides general analysis of new and upcoming SEO trends and strategies. Unfortunately, everything else on the site costs money.

SEO - Online SEO training website

SEO Training Book

The core of the site revolves around the SEO Training Book. It is a huge and all-encompassing tool that requires a subscription but provides you with everything you need to know about SEO. It costs $300 upfront (one-time only fee) and offers numerous benefits:

  • You can speak directly to trained SEO professionals and ask them as many questions as you want.
  • You get the latest SEO updates so that you can stay abreast of all your competitors who are trying to outrank you.
  • You get access to unbelievably powerful optimization strategies that have produced millions of dollars in profits for numerous other members.


SEO - Online SEO training website

Next, we want to take a look at all the available modules. There are quiet a few of them, so brace yourself!

Link Building Module

This module teaches you the fundamentals of building links properly:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • The importance of anchor text
  • How to correctly utilize Web directories
  • How to easily obtain high-authority links
  • How to properly request a link from another Web master
  • Simple techniques for acquiring links
  • Trustworthy sources for buying links
  • Tools for analyzing links


On Site SEO

This module will familiarize you with the things you need to know to optimize on-site content:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • How to properly place keywords
  • How to create enticing but also SEO friendly titles
  • The importance of correctly utilizing H1 and H2 tags
  • Great methods for creating strong meta descriptions
  • Must-have knowledge pertaining to meta tags
  • How to utilize images in a way that pleases the search engines
  • Exactly where to place keyword links


SEO - Online SEO training website

Keyword Research

This is a very important module that deals with the research that occurs before you even start building the site:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • How to brainstorm a list of meaningful keywords
  • Where to locate a reliable and budget-friendly keyword research tool
  • The best methods for using a keyword research tool
  • Methods for narrowing your keyword list down to just a few important ones
  • The importance of comparing your keywords to your competitors’ keywords
  • Key ways to transform your keywords into strong titles


Domain Names

This section pertains to the best-known strategies for choosing SEO-friendly domain names:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • How to properly implement keywords into a domain name
  • Ways to brand your domain while still maintaining keyword relevancy
  • Techniques for verifying that a particular domain name doesn’t have any penalties
  • Selecting a quality domain registrar
  • Domain name mistakes to absolutely avoid
  • Copyright issues to keep in mind


Tracking Results

This portion of the training regiment familiarizes you with analytics and their importance:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • Why web analytics is fundamental to succeeding in SEO
  • Ways to use rank checkers to closely monitor your progress
  • The importance of maintaining patience and not trying to cheat
  • Strategies to replicate the success of a page that does work


Site Architecture

This part of the Training Book teaches you the fundamentals of establishing functional site architecture:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • The most number of clicks away from your homepage a sub-page should be
  • Comparisons between good and bad site architectures
  • Different types of architecture (silo, flat)
  • Implementing navigation schemes that reflect natural user behavior
  • Architecture mistakes that you absolutely must avoid


Website Monetization

This section deals with ways to turn a high-traffic website into a money-churning machine:

    SEO - Online SEO training website
  • How to correctly implement Google AdSense
  • Great affiliate programs to consider signing up for
  • Introduction to conditional advertising
  • Types of products you can sell


The crazy thing is that this is just a small list of the types of training articles, modules and guides available on SEOBook. It would take us forever to list everything, but some of the other topics include content curation, off site SEO, paid advertising and robots control. What we are trying to say is that the $300 you pay winds up being more than worth it given the immense quantity of content you get.


SEO - Online SEO training website

SEOBook Tools

A membership to SEOBook also means getting access to a huge list of very useful SEO tools. These include Firefox extensions, SEO toolbars, keyword researchers, competitive research tools, pay-per-click tools, link analysis tools and much more. The best part of course is that they are all included for absolutely free. If you do get a membership, it is highly recommended you take advantage of every single tool on the website. Mind you, first take the time to learn how to use them properly!

SEO - Online SEO training website

Fitting Customer Service

The customer service at SEOBook is definitely not spectacular, but it is fitting for this purpose. You get access to a near-unlimited quantity of articles, downloads, blog posts and troubleshooter tools. You can also submit a ticket or confer with other SEO professionals on the website.

SEO - Online SEO training website

Final Thoughts

SEO - Online SEO training website

We, along with thousands of other experts, believe SEOBook to be the very best SEO resource on the Internet. Yes, membership is expensive, but SEOBook is worth it nonetheless. The amount of content you get access to is ridiculous.

Overall, it’s a terrific training resource, assuming you got the dedication and commitment to make it through the whole program. This is not meant to be easy. It could take you weeks to get through everything and months to master it.

If you’re serious about Internet marketing and want to dominate your competitors, then we without a doubt give SEOBook our full recommendation!

SEO - Online SEO training website

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