TopOption Review


TopOption Review

TopOption - Binary options trading platform

Binary options trading is a very simple but effective way to make money courtesy of everyday fluctuations in the global markets. Everyday, assets like commodities, indices, stocks and currency pairs move up and down like a seesaw. Your goal as a binary options trader is to simply guess whether the particular asset will move up or down.

Does it sound simple? Not so quick! Those who fail to learn everything they can about binary options trading inevitably fail. They key to this investment lies in learning the assets so that you can make EDUCATED guesses that more often than not turn out exactly how you anticipated.

One way to do this well is by choosing a quality options broker, namely one who cares about ensuring you understand the markets and know what you are doing. One such broker is TopOption.

The Top Option

We find TopOption’s business name ironic, because it is in fact the top option in the binary options game. Even more ironic is the fact that it has only been in operation for just ten years. Yet since that time, this company has grown by leaps and bounds and now offers some of the top features in the industry:


  • Everything can be handled through the Web. This particular broker does not require that you download any software to your computer. If you want to access your account from an iOS or Android phone, however, you’ll need to get a really convenient and completely free app.
  • TopOption offers a whopping 180 assets, including stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. That places it up and beyond almost every other binary options broker on the Internet. The average broker only offers 30 to 50 assets, so we found this aspect of TopOption to be very impressive!
  • This company offers a lot of advanced tools that let you up yours trades and/or get a better idea of how a particular asset is faring on the market. We recommend avoiding these tools at the onset. First spend your time learning how binary options trading works.


TopOption - Binary options trading platform

Types Of Trades

Another area in which this top-of-the-line company excels is with trade types. It supports more types than the average broker, including 60-second trades, classic trades, one touch trades, option builder trades and ProOption trades.

  • 60-Second Trades: 60-second trades occur within a minute. We do not recommend it. The problem is that the market constantly fluctuates. However, trends tend to remain in effect for hours at a time, which is why we recommend longer-term trading.
  • TopOption - Binary options trading platform
  • Classic Trades: These are the trades we recommend. They permit you to set an expiration time ranging from one hour to several days. Our experience leads us to believe that 60-minute expiry times are preferred for maximum success.
  • One Touch Trades: These are just like Classic trades, except that instead of guessing whether the asset goes up or down, you guess whether it touches/reaches a particular value. This can be very risky, so we recommend treading carefully!
  • Option Builder Trades: We absolutely do not recommend this to beginners. It lets you choose your own profit-to-risk ratio. Feel free to take advantage of it once you learn the system, but refrain from using it for right now!
  • ProBuilder Trades: These trades permit you to take advantage of some of the advanced features we mentioned earlier. You can double up your trade, delay the expiry time or even pit two assets against each other.


Account Types

Because we talk about those very neat advanced features, it is important we cover the available account types. The first thing to know is that they all offer bonuses. Use this to your advantage!

TopOption - Binary options trading platform

Starter Account

Pro Account

VIP Account

This is the one we recommend for the average individual. It requires a minimum $100 deposit and entitles you to a maximum bonus of $250.

You also get a ‘Starter Guide’ kit, as well as introductory one-on-one training with a specialist.

Unless you have previous binary options trading experience, we recommend starting with this and slowly but surely building that $100 to $1000.

This account type requires a $1000 deposit but entitles you a better $500 bonus.

It also allows you your own professional account manager, as well as 3 hours monthly with a one-on-one specialist. It’s not a bad way to start out, but that minimum deposit is a bit scary.

However, the addition of a professional account manager does help. It might not be a bad option if you are very serious about this.

The VIP account requires a huge $5000 upfront payment but allows you a bonus up to $2,500.

It also comes with unlimited one-on-one time with a specialist, not to mention access to Client Protection Insurance and 24/7 assistance.

It’s only recommended for seasons professionals who know exactly what they are doing.


TopOption - Binary options trading platform

Advanced Features

TopOption is the only binary options broker to offer the advanced features and tools listed below. While these tools can lead to great profitability, we recommend treading lightly until you learn the ins and outs of this type of investing.

  • Roll Over: The roll over option lets you postpone the expiry time by increasing your investment by 30%.
  • Double Up: If you are feeling very confident about a particular investment, you can double it before the mid-portion of the trade duration.
TopOption - Binary options trading platform
  • Sell Option: This lets you liquidate your investment an hour early if you so desire. It’s great for minimizing risk.
  • History Graph: This is a very useful feature that lets you closely analyze the movement of an asset. We recommend you use this one!
  • Trade Confirmation: This is a small feature, but it gives you the option of being forced to confirm every trade prior to it being enacted.
  • Stock Pair: This strange but unique feature lets you place stocks against each other. For instance, you could invest in Google out-performing Microsoft.


Exemplary Customer Service

As a customer of TopOption, you get access to nine toll free customer service lines across multiple countries, including Australia, France and the UK. The company also offers 24/7 email and live chat support. You also have access to a huge FAQ, as well as TopOption Academy. The result is a plethora of sources that you can access for help, assuming you even need it.

TopOption - Binary options trading platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What forms of payment does TopOption accept?

    The company accepts credit cards, bank transfers, WebMoney, Moneybookers and Neteller. We wish the company also supported Paypal, but this is not a deal breaker.

  • Does the company charge fees or commissions?

    You need not pay a single fee or commission. So long as you never lose a trade, you’ll never lose a single penny. However, expect to lose time and again!


Concluding Thoughts

24option - Binary options trading platform

TopOption pleasantly surprised us. It covers more assets than any other broker we have ever encountered. It also offers a surprising selection of extra trade options and features. Don’t even get us started on the company’s superior customer service. Plus, it offers very fair bonuses to new clients.

Overall, we can say with confidence that TopOption is the TOP binary options trader in the world. It beats out competing brokers in every way possible. Our review proves it, as do the countless testimonials scattered throughout the Internet. With that said, if you want to make a successful go at binary options trading, then we vehemently and unequivocally recommend that you choose TopOption as your broker! You will not regret it. We certainly didn’t!

TopOption - Binary options trading platform

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