TweakBit Review

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

The older a PC gets, the slower it becomes. Often, that is because new software versions are more demanding, but it also is caused by errors and junk on the hard drive.

Most users don’t have the knowledge nor time to manually fix these problems. TweakBit offers several effective and affordable solutions.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

About TweakBit

Many PC improvement software companies offer only one type of solution. Those programs usually only solve some common PC software problems even though they are supposed to be an all-in-one solution.

TweakBit offers a variety of individual programs to solve specific PC software issues. This allows users to buy only what they need and save hard drive space. Other advantages of TweakBit programs are they automatically update themselves and don’t continually push users to upgrade to a higher pricing tier or add other programs.

Some software makers don’t even have an update option in their programs. Dropbox users have to manually download and reinstall the program to get an update.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

PC users often download free anti-malware programs and use them once. Unless the user regularly runs the program and checks for updates, it just sits on the hard drive serving no purpose. It’s only after a user notices a system slowdown that he takes action. In the meantime, he may have lost hours of productivity.

TweakBit software makes forgetting an acceptable thing. For those who want an all-in-one solution, the company offers one. PCSuite not only covers a huge swath of PC issues, it also does it automatically. Users can access live support within the program while it’s running.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

When installing TweakBit software, users will not have to worry about downloading a bunch of adware. During installation, the company does prompt users to download additional software they sell, but users can decline. There are downloadable user manuals for each of the TweakBit programs, and they are more than just sales brochures.

TweakBit is a Microsoft partner and offers an affiliate program for website owners and a white label program for IT companies. The white label program is especially streamlined because the software is downloadable. The days of pretty software boxes at Best Buy are gone. The minimum requirement for a white label vendor is 18,000 licenses per year. Those companies with less volume should go for the regular affiliate program, which can pay up to 70 percent commission.

Overall, TweakBit software offers consumers and businesses convenience. The dashboards are colorful and easy to navigate. IT departments can eliminate the easy problems on workstations before having to go through the pain of uninstalling and reinstalling software.

Firewalls certainly don’t completely protect computers from the internet, and users can end up with tons of malware and corrupt files without even knowing it. PC experts may quickly dismiss some of the warnings TweakBit software displays, but most users are not knowledgeable enough to tell a serious threat to speed from a minor one. Who wants to Google a bunch of registry tweaks or ActiveX fixes?

Top Products

The PCSuite program makes things easiest for PC users because it’s all-in-one. It can diagnose the Windows system on the PC, clean out junk files, fix registry errors, improve speed by optimizing settings, make the system more secure and allows uses to set up an automatic maintenance schedule.

Manually changing Windows registry setting can be an involved and lengthy process. Just getting to the correct entry can be a pain. Users risk crippling their system, if they incorrectly modify the registry. PCSuite takes care of the difficult work without the user having to even glance at the registry.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

The program also manages memory and processor use to maximize the performance of active applications. File recovery is included along with the ability delete duplicate files. PCSuite accesses some of the features Windows already has and allows users easier access to them. Users won’t have to hunt through the Windows settings menus to find defrag, uninstaller or file explorer. With PCSuite, users can manage all their internet browser add-ons and optimize the browers for the best speed.

Driver Updater scans through the PC for software and hardware driver status. The program will update obsolete drivers after the scan. This is super convenient, saving users from the task of manually finding updates on the internet and installing them individually. Some drivers for hardware are really hard to find on the internet such as for Bluetooth devices on motherboards. Driver Updater makes it look easy.

For the thrifty user, PCBooster may be a good option. The program comes with one license and is not about fixing errors or deleting files. PCBooster tweaks Windows settings and active program settings to maximize speed.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

There are three main categories, Home, Office and Gaming. There also is an advanced mode to tweak settings for custom scenarios.

The Home mode focuses on tweaking Internet browser speed to make Skype, livestreaming and browser more efficient.

The Office mode maximizes efficient use of memory to make using production or creation software more fluid. Opening a Word document will be faster.

The Gaming mode disables apps and processes not needed during a game to give gamers an inexpensive competitive edge.

For those currently experiencing PC slowness, FixMyPC might be an economical solution. Users can pay once, use the program to fix the registry, resolve ActiveX errors, run defrag and dump junk files. If users want ongoing protection from crashes and added security, they can renew every three months.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

TweakBit Anti-Malware does more than eliminate threats in memory and the registry. It can remove tracking cookies. Anyone who has tried to decipher cookies listed in a web browser knows how difficult it can be. Most websites nowadays implant cookies in browsers. Some are useful for remembering user settings such as “country” or “user name.”

TweakBit’s program allows users to easily select which cookies to delete. That way, only the websites users want to spy on them can.

TweakBit Prices

In some cases, pricing of the various software available is in the form of three-month subscriptions. These can be set to auto-renew. The company will email subscribers about seven days before the end of a subscription to warn them of the approaching renewal date. Users can cancel a subscription by email or phone.

A few of the software packages come with up to three licenses. There is a drop-down menu to select the number of licenses.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

A Google search for discount codes can save buyers 20 to 25 percent depending on which software they choose. Offers on the internet for greater discounts probably are unreliable.

Payment options are by major credit card including Diners Club. Those not wanting to use a credit card have a PayPal option. It is on the credit card payment web page that users can select to automatically renew subscriptions. There also is a box for entering a promo code.

Some of the software is bundled with free versions of other TweakBit programs. FixMyPC comes with File Recovery.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

Criticism of TweakBit

Users can download the software free, but it will only find problems not fix them. They have to buy the software to get all the features and try it out for 30 days without risk according to the product web pages. This is a massive contrast to other brands on the market.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

Other companies offer light versions of their software that delete malware, junk files and tweak speed settings. The results stay with the computer even after users delete the free software. The cost of using such programs comes in the form of adware and annoying pop-ups.

To request a refund from TweakBit, users can visit the contact support page. The subscription and refund help page states the company refund window is 60 days. Refunds can take up to seven business days at which point the company will disable the software license.

Some of the web pages on the TweakBit website result in Error 404. At the time of this review, the PCCleaner product page and Avangate Resource Center page did not work.

The results pages in the software can tend to exaggerate the severity of problems on a PC. Some users say they can get better Windows registry repairs from free software.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

Customer Support

The TweakBit website has a frequently asked questions section, but users also can visit the contact page and use a form to ask specific questions. The company will email a response. Other options are to send snail mail to the company in Australia or call the toll-free phone number.

Users who lose a license code can retrieve it by using the form on the support page. The company will email the code.

Those with questions about the affiliate program or white label program can contact Sergey Romankin via Skype or email.


Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

To speed up older PCs and get them to work smoothly without reformatting the hard drive or buying a new computer, users can employ TweakBit’s software solutions.

The software can save users time and money. Often, the increase in productivity more than pays for the cost of TweakBit programs.

Tweakbit - PC improvement and maintenance software

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