Avira.com Review

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Protecting your computer and mobile devices from cyber criminals is important for the safety of both you and your loved ones. Sensitive data in the wrong hands can lead to a variety of financial and personal problems.

Avira.com specializes in providing homes and small businesses with online security. The company sells a range of antivirus software that is designed to protect PCs, Macs, Android devices and iPhones.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany


About Avira.com

Avira was founded in 1986 as a German IT company, and within two years launched its first product. Avira AntiVir was one of the world’s first antivirus programs for computers. By the late 80s, digital viruses were already spreading quickly enough to pose a significant threat to computer owners.

The company has grown since its beginnings to serve over 100 million customers across the globe. Avira is headquartered out of Tettnang, Germany but also holds offices in the Netherlands, Japan, and China along with an R&D facility in California.

Avira.com provides software to homeowners and businesses that is able to protect computers, mobile devices, servers and networks. The company offers customers access to both software and cloud based services. The longer that a customer subscribes to Avira’s services, the more money he or she can save in the long run. Avira’s most popular products for home users include:


Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Antivirus Pro

Cost: $48.99 per year for 1 device

This is Avira’s standard antivirus software. Customers receive comprehensive web browsing protection, secure online shopping options, and safety scans for both downloads and email attachments.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Antivirus Suite

Cost: $66.99 per year for 1 device

This is Avira’s most popular home software option. It includes antivirus capabilities along with system speedup services. The Antivirus Suite is able to clear out unnecessary or redundant files so that your computer runs quickly and smoothly.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Ultimate Protection Suite

Cost: $89.99 per year for 1 device

The Ultimate Protection Suite gives homeowners the greatest level of protection and control over their computer. In addition to virus protection and system speedup options, this software includes driver updates that help your hardware to run at peak performance by replacing outdated and corrupt drivers.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Homeowners can protect their PCs and mobile devices from cyber threats using Avira’s line of antivirus software for the home. Avira also sells versatile software that is designed for startups and small businesses. The most popular business product options include:


Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Professional Security

Cost: $102.57 per year for 3 users

This software offers comprehensive workstation security. Avira Professional Security includes secure online transactions and real-time cloud updates to offer your business the ultimate protection against even the newest online threats.


Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Endpoint Security

Cost: $150.10 per year for 3 users

In addition to complete malware protection for workstations, Avira Endpoint Security also offers protection for a business’s servers.


Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany
Avira Small Business Security Suite

Cost: $208.20 per year for 3 users

The Small Business Security Suite offers comprehensive protection against cyber criminals and computer viruses for workstations and servers, along with advanced email protection.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

The Best Features of Avira.com

Customers are able to download a free 30-day trial for any Avira software before committing to a subscription. This allows users to get a feel for the interface and features of each program, making it easy to decide which Avira software will offer the best protection for the lowest price. If an educational institution or nonprofit organization chooses to purchase Avira software, they are able to save up to 80% off the retail price.

Along with its line of premium antivirus software, Avira.com also offers customers completely free security software for PCs, Macs, Androids and iPhones. This software provides users with basic protection against viruses and other malware. The free Avira iPhone and Android apps even allows customers to remotely locate and lock a mobile device that has been lost or stolen to protect sensitive data such as contacts and emails.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Customers can also download the free Avira Android Optimizer for their smartphones. This free program can help to manage apps, delete unnecessary files, and wipe sensitive information from recent online activities. A less cluttered phone can dramatically enhance the speed and performance of the device.

Avira.com offers a free browser safety extension for Google Chrome that can help users to keep their PCs safe while browsing the Internet. The extension blocks any suspicious or harmful sites and protects your online privacy. Avira’s browser safety extension will even search for the best online deals so that Avira.com customers can get the lowest price wherever they shop.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Parents with children and teens can take advantage of Avira’s free social network protection tool, a platform that allows discreet online supervision. This tool allows a parent to monitor his or her child’s online behavior and activities to catch risky behaviors before there’s any trouble. Avira makes it easy to for customers to protect family and loved ones.

Avira.com subscribers can take advantage of free video tutorials and user manuals posted by the website. Using these resources, even a computer novice can easily install and troubleshoot an Avira program. For more complex issues, customers are able to hire an Avira expert for a small fee to solve the problem remotely.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Criticism of Avira.com

Avira.com offers a line of free antivirus software that protects a range of different devices. If a customer has issues installing or using any of this free software, they will not receive free tech support. The customer must use website resources to fix the problem him or herself. A handful of customers have also complained that the free Avira products fail to detect certain viruses or malware, leaving computers vulnerable. The company’s premium products offer more comprehensive protection.

Avira.com Customer Support

Customers can call Avira at 1-800-403-7019 for a free consultation regarding which antivirus product will offer the best protection for a particular machine or mobile device. Customers that choose to purchase one of Avira’s premium home or business products receive unlimited technical support for their software. Subscribers can either call the company or send an email with questions and concerns.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages is Avira.com available?

Which payment methods does Avira.com accept?

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Pros of Avira.com

  • Free software downloads
  • Free 30-day trials
  • 80% off for school, universities and nonprofit organizations
  • Video tutorials and user manuals
  • Expert technical support for premium customers

Cons of Avira.com

  • No free technical support for those using free programs
  • Free software occasionally misses cyber threats

Why Should I Use Avira.com?

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

Avira.com offers inexpensive and reliable antivirus software to homeowners and small businesses all across the world. The company is focused on protecting customers and their personal data from cyber criminals. By taking advantage of Avira’s malware detection software, users can protect themselves and their families from credit fraud or identity theft.

In addition to online protection, Avira also specializes in software the speeds up and optimizes the operation of electronic devices. Certain programs sold by the company are able to detect unnecessary software and remove it from the system, freeing up memory. Customers using Avira system speedup software can save time and avoid stress with a smooth and fast computer.

Avira software provides comprehensive online security to families and small business owners to protect their personal and financial wellbeing. Computers, smartphones, servers and networks can all benefit from the protection that Avira programs offer. Avira customers can protect multiple devices for a low price without having to sacrifice the quality of the service that they receive.

Avira.com - Avira Antivirus Made in Germany

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