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Who doesn’t like a good trip? It’s always nice to be able to get away and escape the mundane routine of your everyday life. Vacations are a great way for people to:

  • Unwind
  • Re-charge
  • Explore new areas
  • Rest
  • Recover


Simply put, vacations are a relaxing way to live a temporary life of leisure all with minimal worries. While everyone needs, wants and deserves a vacation few people really enjoy all of the hassle that goes into planning a trip. Planning a vacation is supposed to be thrilling and invigorating. Experts say that having a trip to look forward to and work towards is almost just as important as relaxing on the trip itself. While many people tend to actually enjoy the trip once they are on vacation, the hassle that comes with planning a trip can be overwhelming and stressful. This is slightly concerning and counterintuitive since the whole point of planning and going on a trip is to relax. It is not good to stress yourself out while planning a trip and this is the last thing that should happen.

Luckily there are numerous travel sites out there that aim to help alleviate some of the hardships that come with planning a vacation. One such travel-booking site that breaks through the clutter is As the name alludes, this site specifies in booking hotels only. The site, founded in 1999, has helped set the global standard for worldwide hotel bookings. HotelTravel provides the inside track for the best value online hotel deals. The site’s brand statement – Real People, Real Service, Real Choice – is the keystone of the company’s customer centric business culture and core values. - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

A globally focused site, the website is currently published in 10 different languages including: English, French, German and Korean to name a few. Although the site has been around for well over a decade, it still remains privately owned and operated, with 300 employees in its offices in Thailand, Malaysia and China. - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

Top Features Of HotelTravel - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

As a leader in online travel information and hotel reservation provider, continues to improve its website so that visitors to the site are able to easily navigate and book hotel rooms with ease. Most recently in 2012 the website underwent a major overhaul and redesign. The redesigned site now features a stunning new motif backed up by enhanced tools for locating and booking the Internet’s best hotel promotions to save customers time and money. Starting with the website, HotelTravel presents itself with a crisp, clean user interface and the ease of navigation allows consumers to find the best available deals in any selected destination worldwide.

Another key feature of HotelTravel is that it is able to provide up-to-the-minute hotel rates, which are delivered directly to consumers without any filter or delay. This is made possible through the site’s Promotions Finder search feature. The search feature highlights individual hotel deals and is capable of searching thousands of exclusive hotel offers, which ultimately leads to the best deal possible for the searching consumer.

The Promotions Finder adds somewhat of a new dimension to the travel booking experience. The tool offers consumers the ability to quickly locate and compare thousands of deals available on that will not be available on any other website. The tool is really a win-win for both the site and the consumer because it provides consumers with the best deal possible while keeping consumers from looking for a deal elsewhere. - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

The website is also packed with more than a million pages of hotel reviews from real customers, original event articles, points of interest, and travel tips published in 10 of the world’s leading languages. - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

HotelTravel Prices

Voted the best online travel agency for 2013, HotelTravel is constantly feeding consumers new deals on a daily basis. Not only are users able to search for deals through the advanced search options, but they can also receive updated deals directly to their e-mail through e-newsletters. The main benefit of signing up for an e-newsletter is to not only be the first to hear of deals but to also receive special discounts not advertised to the general public. This is an efficient way for users to keep up with the low-low prices that HotelTravel offers. - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

Prices for hotels do vary depending on a number of factors. Specifically location, time of year, type of hotel and number of rooms all can affect how much it costs for a hotel through the service. No matter the hotel selected, prices for rooms on the site are up to 70% less expensive compared to other sites in the marketplace.

As a way to instill confidence in its consumers, the site also provides a lowest-rate promise. If an individual finds a lower priced hotel room anywhere on the Internet, HotelTravel promises to match it. The site also does not charge any booking fees so the price that is advertised is the price that one pays.

Criticism of HotelTravel

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There really are not many faults with Since overhauling the site two years ago, the site was able to address many of the issues that it previously dealt with. Prior to the re-structure and re-design the site was widely criticized for poor customer service and an inefficient refund policy. Both of these areas have since been addressed and the site is on its way to redeeming itself in these areas. Currently, the only many drawback of the site is that the site contains so much information that sometimes it can seem a little cumbersome to sift through. As such, it’s recommended that the individual have a specific destination or goal in mind prior to visiting the site. Otherwise one may easily get distracted or overwhelmed at the number of travel destination choices since HotelTravel basic has the whole world at your fingertips! - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

Customer Support - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

Part of HotelTravel’s site re-structure was to improve its customer service. The site now makes it a top priority to make the entire travel-planning experience a success. The site provides users with the ability to talk with a travel representative 24/7. Agents are available via phone, on-line chat or e-mail. There is also a frequently asked questions section on the site, which allows users to peruse through the most common questions asked with hopes that they will be easily answered.

A visit to the site’s testimonial page shows that hundreds of satisfied customers have rated the site as first-rate in customer service. Numerous testimonials praise the site’s service for its quickness and commend the site’s agents for their professional and courteous manners.

Don’t Wait, Book Your Trip - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

There are millions of hotels on the planet and deciding which one to stay in when traveling can be a real crapshoot unless one properly does his/her research. With one is able to not only read reviews and get a sense for the hotel’s quality and structure but one is also able to receive some of the lowest fares on the market today. A site that is easy to navigate and overall visually appealing, it makes it easy and almost fun to find the perfect hotel for your next vacation or travel outing. A simple visit to the HotelTravel website will help explain why the site has been ranked one of the best in the category and continues to grow year after year. With you no longer need a travel agent or travel consultant. All you need is an Internet connection and a few minutes and you will be on your way to staying at the hotel of your dreams! - Online Hotel and Travel Booking Website

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