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About Interactive Option

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

An international binary options trading platform, Interactive Option was founded in 2005 by two former traders in association with an investment fund in Kuwait. Thanks to this investment fund the traders signed up with the service, the funds are protected with the most stringent standards.

As one of the leaders in the Online Binary Options trading marketplace, Interactive Option provides investment banking veterans and financial market professionals with the ability to trade:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities

  • Stocks
  • Indices

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

All of the above are traded on the platform under the best market conditions through the Interactive Option trading platform. This platform is famous for its expertise, simplicity and performance and is registered with Interactive Option Grp (CY) Ltd. This trading platform is a subsidiary company of the Genus Group and is know for providing the best quality of technology and services to its customers.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

With over a decade in the Binary Options industry, Interactive Option prides itself in running its practice with pure professionalism and customer satisfaction as its main values. The service also allows traders to invest in Binary Options confidently due to their fresh and cutting edge trading platform. The continuous drive to remain a leader in the Binary Options industry is a fundamental vision of this broker. Let’s take a deeper look into the main features that have made this broker a true leader in the space for years.

Top Features Of Interactive Option

Binary Options interactive brokers don’t often offer a wide range of different trading accounts, but Interactive Option offers an account type for almost every trader. These accounts really run the gamma – ranging from the beginner traders to the professional traders. Choosing an account does not have to be done by yourself. Their dedicated staff will provide you a full explanation with regards to the different account types.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

Functional arrays of assets along with useful option types are offered in the InteractiveO Option trading platform, which make this platform an easy one to try. Experts in the trade as well as the novices in the trading business will find their own convenient features to use the platform in a great manner according to their levels of expertise in the dominion.

With the Interactive Option trading platform, traders can earn about 85% profit. When they use One Touch Platform, they can earn about 500% profit. It provides various kinds of Binary Options platforms for the customers such as Pairs, Sixty seconds, One Touch, Long term, Binary option and Options pro. The languages, in which this trading platform can be accessed, are Arabic, French and English. Traders can execute trade in indices, commodities, stocks and currencies with this trading platform. There are various kinds of accounts that are offered by this platform. One can consult with the customer service desk prior to taking a decision on the kind of account one has willingness to execute trade with.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

For those who are new to the Binary Options trading industry, the company offers an educational service called the Interactive Academy. The Interactive Academy is a learning center for binary option traders offering materials and classes for the novice and the advanced traders. The best part about this service is that the educational benefits with Interactive Option are always free! Whether you need to learn how to trade from scratch or simply just need to brush up on some of the best practices, this service is really a MUST for anyone using the service.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

The system also includes an option builder, which is meant more for the pro traders but is an essential tool to have in binary trading. There is lots of flexibility here since it allows for traders to call the shots by selecting appropriate assets as necessary. Risks, rewards or expiry time can also be selected along with the trading amount.

Finally, the last unique selling point of Interactive Option is that traders are able to trade on the go through the use of the company’s mobile applications. The application is able to be utilized on smartphones and tablets, which really proves that although the company has been around for awhile it is adapting into the modern age.

Interactive Option Prices

There are a number of accounts that one can sign up for when trading with Interactive Option. The more features and trading capabilities one desires, the higher the price. One can choose from the Infinity account, Premium account and Standard account. The least deposit ranges from $400 to a price of $100,000 on the very high end of the spectrum.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

As far as deposit and withdrawal methods of Interactive Option are concerned, deposits and withdrawals are allowed through some of the major credit cards including, but not limited to: Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers, Emirates NBD Bank, and Barclays payment modes. There is a large array of commission plans, which remain available for the users in Revenue Share, CPL and CPA. Also, one can receive a 100% first deposit bonus.

Criticism Of Interactive Option

While the Interactive Option site is overall quite good at accomplishing the many task of binary trading, there are still some issues with the site. The biggest issues that many previous users have with the site is that the customer service is not the best. This can somewhat be expected since the commission rates are low. It’s the small price that users have to pay for spending less to trade.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

Secondly, the trading platform is not the most advanced compared to other competitors in the market place. The charting capabilities could use an upgrade. This is definitely something that the company is aware of and is working to improve. The launch of the mobile applications is a step towards revamping the entire trading system.

Customer Support

As mentioned in the criticism section above, customer service on the site is not something that seems to be overly popular among previous users. That said, the site does have a list of e-mails and phone numbers listed that should be pursued when one encounters any type of issue.

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

Although an agent may not pick up at first, it still cannot hurt to leave a voice message or send an e-mail. This way your issue is well documented should you need to refer back to your inquiry. According to the site’s contact page there are different contact numbers depending on the country in which you are trading. Some key countries include: UK, Japan and United States. The site is also rolling out a new live-chat support feature, which will allow users to actually skype via webcam with some of the customer support representatives.

The Bottom Line

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

Interactive Option was one of the first brokerage firms to spearhead electronic trading and they really were able to achieve this feat in a big way. The result is a brokerage firm that trades virtually every major market in the world on a very technically advanced trading platform. Typically all trades can be executed in a quick manner and the overall trading process is enjoyable.

Although the customer service does need to be overhauled slightly, there are still outlets on the site for one to reach out for support. That said, all traders benefit with very low commissions and a solid electronic trading platform. Interactive Option is a perfect Binary Options trading site whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced trader. So, when deciding which platform to utilize, look no further than!

InteractiveOptions - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

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