uBinary Review


uBinary Review

ubinary online binary trading brokers

Binary options are on the rise, and a whole lot of people seem to be profiting from it. How does it work? Easy. You simply guess whether a company’s commodity or stock will move up or down. If you guess correctly, you win big. While it may sound like a gamble, it is in fact a tried and true financial science capable of drastically boosting your income — assuming of course you do your research, and assuming of course that you choose a quality broker!

Introducing uBinary

Enter uBinary, a leading binary options broker operated by seasoned financial veterans and gurus with 50+ years of experience in the industry. While the company has only been in operation for two years, it is just one arm of PPT Capital LLD —a well-renowned investment firm with a solid track record for success.

ubinary online binary trading brokers


However, it has within just the span of a few years acquired its own reputation for success by delivering to its clientele expert financial analysis. It also hosts the easiest and most secure trading platform in the industry. All in all, it is a high-ranking binary options trader that we definitely trust.

How uBinary Works

Working with uBinary is extraordinarily easy. You start by filling out a standard registration form and setting up an account. Afterward, you simply log in to the trading platform from your computer or mobile phone. No software downloads are required. Everything can be accessed from any browser-compatible device.

Once you get into your account, you then choose a commodity, currency pair, indice or stock. Then you set a contract length, decide whether you expect the value to rise or drop and then enter the amount you want to invest. After you confirm your trade, you then simply wait to see what happens in the market.


If your prediction comes true, you get your ‘stake’ back, as well as up to 85% in profit. If not, you get 10% of your stake returned to you. Given that you perform your research, listen to your personal guide and take advantage of the many educational resources available to you, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to consistently make correct forecasts and predictions.

Keep in mind that the trading intervals are not meant to be long-term. The most popular intervals are 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. However, it is possible to engage in longer-term trades that expire after a few hours.

Features To Keep In Mind

uBinary hosts a bevy of exemplary features that should definitely be kept in mind.

  • Dashboard Access: The trading dashboard lets you easily and conveniently track your account details — your free balance, your investment balance, your currencny/stock/indice values and more.
  • Multiple Assets: UBinary supports the top three forms of assets, including currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, AUD/CAD), commodities (gold, silver, old) and traditional indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq).
  • Multiple Account Types: You can choose a standard, gold or VIP account. The standard account requires only a $100 deposit at minimum, while the VIP account comes with the advice and services of a personal market analyst.
  • Fixed Returns: uBinary is one a very few brokers to offer a fixed return rate up to 85%! This means that if you risk $1000 and guess correctly, you will earn a whopping $850 on that trade alone!
  • ubinary online binary trading brokers


  • 24/7 Operation: Currency, commodity and indices markets trade from 22:00 GMT Sunday afternoon to 20:00 GMT Friday afternoon. It is a nearly 24/7 operation from which you can make immense profits.
  • Guarantee Pay: uBinary is one of the only binary option brokers that pay you back 10% of your stake if you lose a trade. This means you get money regardless of whether or not you make a successful trade.
  • Fraud Protection: uBinary uses a bevy of security tools and technologies like encryption algorithms and anti-hacker suites to ensure that your financial detail remain strictly private and confidential.
  • Zero Fees: You get charged no commissions or fees for the transactions you make. You either get your money + 85% back or only 10% of your money. Also, no fees are charged during withdrawals.
  • Mobile Access: Own an iPhone? Want to trade on your iPhone? No problem! uBinary has its own iPhone app that we highly recommend you download so that you can at the very least monitor your open positions from on-the-go.
ubinary online binary trading brokers


uBinary Account Types

As mentioned above, uBinary offers three unique account types.

Signing up for a standard account entitles you to a 30% bonus on your initial investment. You also get limited one-on-one training, as well as access to an educational package. It is best suited for beginners who don’t want to invest too much money yet.

ubinary online binary trading brokers


A gold account requires a higher initial investment, but it too entitles you to a bonus, as well as one-on-one training and education. However, you also get two months worth of free signals and daily market rundowns.

The best account type, VIP, comes with a whopping 40% bonus. Plus, you get a personal account manager and access to unlimited signals and chat sessions. It is best for very seasoned traders who want to trade huge quantities of cash.

Keep in mind that signing up for any account type requires providing your identity. You’ll need to submit a picture ID, as well as proof of your address. You can prove your address by simply scanning a recent bill. You’ll also need to scan both sides of your credit card and submit it if you want to make a credit card deposit. Note that uBinary accepts credit cards, Ucash and bank wire transfers.

Superior Customer Support

uBinary is one a very few brokers that offers 24/7 customer support by phone, email and chat. Furthermore, all clients have access to a bevy of real-time news feeds brimming with pertinent details about the financial markets.

ubinary online binary trading brokers


It is highly recommended that you take advantage of these tools (including the educational program) if you want to succeed with binary options trading. It’s not rocket science, but it does require some work! The good news is that uBinary agents are more than willing to work with you through the whole process.

Awesome Trading Platform

The best part about uBinary is its trading platform. We discussed the Dashboard earlier, but there is also a Menu Bar that allows you to select assets to trade and view all your open and closed positions. The most useful tool is the Favorite button. You can designate certain assets as favorites so that you don’t have to dig through all the options to find them. We recommend becoming familiar with hit!

Another important button is the Open Positions one. You will want to use this to track all your trades. It lets you view your stake, measure the trending direction and more. Keep a close eye on this page, because the market is always moving!

ubinary online binary trading brokers

Superior Website

The company’s comprehensive website is a great place to start if you want to learn more about binary options trading. It hosts an in-depth Trading Guide, as well numerous mini-tutorials on what binary options are, how binary options are traded and more. Definitely spend some time on the site and get to know the company in detail before you invest. Also feel free to read the company’s mission statement.


The only disadvantage to uBinary and really all binary options trading company is that it’s a risky business. If you start trading haphazardly and rely on uneducated guesses and gambles, you will inevitably lose money. A lot of profit can be made from binary options trading, but it is up to you to take advantage of all the tools and resources that are made available to you.

Furthermore, it’s not suited for long-term investment. It’s made for quick turnarounds and profits. Your average trade will only last a couple hours, if even that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a deposit?

Making a deposit is extraordinarily simple. You just log in, navigate to the “My Account” page, choose a deposit method and fill out the form.

What is the maximum deposit?

The most money you can deposit at any given time is $30,000.

What is the maximum bonus?

The biggest bonus you can secure is $2,000. You would need to deposit about $6600 to get this bonus.

What is the most you can trade?

You cannot trade past $5000. This means the most money you can make from any given trade is 85% of $5000, or $4250.


Final Thoughts

We found uBinary to be an outstanding binary options broker. The company offers a bevy of features and services. It makes available to you the best educational tools. It offers personal one-on-one counseling and training. And it hosts the easiest-to-use trading platform in the industry. If you are willing to listen, learn and work hard to become a topnotch binary options trader, then we definitely recommend you do so with uBinary! It is a high-quality broker with an equally high-quality website!

ubinary online binary trading brokers

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