NRGbinary Review


NRGbinary Review

Since around 2008, binary options, also known as digital options or fixed return options, have consistently been available for trading. One of the allures of binary options is that they are easy to understand for all traders. At its most basic, binary options trading is based on the trader’s prediction of what direction an asset will go in. Some of the assets involved in the binary option market are gold, oil, EUR/USD or any other stock, forex, index, or commodity.


Essentially, in binary option trading, you are predicting how an instrument will perform, whether it will go up or down, in a short amount of time. If you make an accurate prediction, then you can make a chunk of change. Binary option trading is a relatively new product in the financial world, and I have only been trading in it for a couple years.

There are dozens of online binary options brokers vying for your dollar. Many of them have one goal and one goal only: to get you to part with your money. Others have a genuine interest in teaching their clients how to succeed in playing the binary options. In the short time I have been involved with binary options, I have seen my fair share of scammers and those that are the real deal. I have learned how to spot them easily. Today, I am going to look closely at NRGbinary with you to see if they can be trusted.

About NRGbinary

An internationally renowned private investment and trading company, NRG Capital Limited, which runs NRGbinary, was founded in 2012. In those two short years, they have differentiated themselves from the other brokers by producing high rated trading software. Each trader is supplied with a page of statistics and complete transparency of accounts. This allows you to track and continually learn from your performance.

NRGbinary - binary options trading


NRGbinary seeks to provide users with a user-friendly and safe atmosphere where they can focus on success and profits. Regardless of account sizes and investment preferences, NRGbinary has opened up its trading platform, with the most state of the art technology, to all traders. From their easily accessible platform, they offer indices, currencies, stocks, and commodities for binary option trading.

NRGbinary is based in Cyprus but has a presence all over the world with secure banking options and 24 hours per day, six days a week customer support. They settle trader’s transaction in a clear and direct manner. There is no ambiguity. Also, no experience in trading in the past is needed to get started with NRGbinary. You do not even have to download anything. The whole process is web based.

NRGbinary - binary options trading


Top Features of NRGbinary

So, I touched on a few of the features above, but here I am going to go a bit more in depth about what NRGbinary has to offer its customers. One of the best features available with NRGbinary is the long list of tradable assets they have available. As time goes by, I have noticed that they keep adding to their list. By my last count, NRGbinary offered:

  • Thirteen currency pairs, including GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/TRY, and USD/CHF
  • Seven tradable commodities, including sweet crude oil, platinum, coffee, silver, and gold
  • Twenty stocks
  • Nineteen indices

Coming with a secure environment in which to perform transaction and an attractive design, NRGbinary’s platform is provided by SpotOption. A varied selection of trading features is included in this platform to enhance the client’s experience. NRGbinary offers one touch binary options, 60 second binary option trading, and Option Builder in addition to the standard call put binary option trading.

NRGbinary - binary options trading


What sets NRGbinary apart from other binary option brokers is their mobile app. You no longer have to stay tethered to your desk to get the most out of your trading experience. Now, you can trade on the go, anywhere, anytime.

NRGbinary provides a lot of tools to help you build your trading muscles. For all of the assets they sell, they give a detailed description of the expiry rate rules, trading hours, and general information. You also have access to a daily market review that breaks down the day’s top traded commodities and currencies. Analysts also give you a forecast of what is expected to happen in the markets each day and make recommendations.

There is also a detailed history of expiry rates, so you can look at the patterns for yourself and do your own research. Finally, there is also a weekly market review that includes an economic calendar, so you can keep a closer eye on what is coming down the pipeline.

The NRGbinary Trading Academy is an awesome tool for new and veteran traders alike. There is a vast library of video covering such beginner topics as “Are you an emotional trader?”, weighing risk and chance, and ways to distribute risk among other topics. For the more advanced traders, there is a whole series of videos that go in depth into aggressive and passive trading rules, resistance and support, Harami and shooting star patterns, and various other strategies.

NRGbinary - binary options trading



NRGbinary Account Types

To suit all traders, NRGbinary offers a wide variety of account types. If you are interested in making maximum profits, they are willing to help get you started even if you are just beginning to learn the ins and outs of binary option trading and you have no experience. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to commit to depositing when you open an account, NRGbinary offers additional benefits to the big money traders.

The minimum deposit is $250, and the minimum investment is $25. This will get you a Micro Trading Account. This is your ideal account if you want to reduce your risk exposure while you learn about the exciting world of binary options trading and you are just starting out.

NRGbinary - binary options trading


For traders who are ready for a successful trading career and have already learned the basics, the Standard Trading Account is the recommended account. With this account, you get daily signals and other special benefits that are not available to Micro Trading Account users.

For experienced traders interested in professional investing, NRGbinary recommends the Premium Trading Account. You get one on one trading sessions with an experienced professional trading coach and trading tips among other unique features with this account.

Finally, there is the VIP Trading Account which offers exclusive benefits on top of everything available to those offered with the Premium and Standard Accounts. There is upgraded investment advisement, personalized account assistance, and much more made available for professional investors.

The Downsides of Using NRGbinary

I found a few downsides to using NRGbinary. The first was that they did not offer a demo account for new users to get a little practice with binary options trading before jumping in with real money. Some of the brokers out there do provide this tool, and it generally helps their clients to really know what they are getting into.

It also takes a little while to withdraw funds from NRGbinary. Once you send them a withdrawal request, it takes up to three business days to get your money. To be fair, that is fairly common among binary options traders, but it is still mildly annoying to have to wait so long for your money. I would recommend not depositing money you may need in a hurry.

To get a comprehensive idea of what issues others have with NRGbinary, I went online to see what traders had to say about them. For the most part, those who had used NRGbinary had positive things to say about their services. There were a few who had some of the same concerns I had, but there really was not anything major.

NRGbinary Customer Support

NRGbinary has a plethora of options for contacting them. They have phone numbers in nine different countries including the United States, Australia, and the UK. There is live chat, email, Skype, fax, snail mail, and an extensive FAQ. Their customer support agents are available whenever any of the markets around the world are open.

NRGbinary - binary options trading


For the fun of it, I tried contacting customer service right before the markets closed for the weekend using Skype. My call was answered quickly. The representative did not have an answer for me off the top of his head, but he was able to find someone who could help me right away. A few days later, they contacted me via email to make sure everything was going smoothly. I call that “above and beyond” customer service.


With a professionally designed trading platform featuring many options, a reliable customer support network, a wide variety of tradable assets, NRGbinary is chocked full of huge advantages. I give them my highest ratings thanks to their dynamic, safe, and user friendly trading environment and some of the highest returns on investments in the industry. Plus, you can trade with NRGbinary wherever your smartphone picks up a signal. I highly recommend NRGbinary for advanced traders and traders new to binary options. They are the real deal.

NRGbinary - binary options trading

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