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Titan Trade Review

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

Binary options have been consistently available for purchase since 2008. The ease of understanding how binary options, also known as fixed return options and digital options, work has been one of the main attractions of this trading option. In binary option trading, traders predict how a particular asset will perform by the time it closes. Oil, EUR/USD, gold, and a variety of other indices, stocks, commodities, and forex are involved in binary options.

At its most basic, you are predicting whether an instrument will go up or down in a short time period. You can make a respectable amount of money if your prediction is correct. I have only been in the binary options trading world for a couple years now, since it is a relatively new way of investing money in the financial world.

In that short time, I have gained experience in dealing with some of the many online binary options brokers that seem to spring up overnight. Many of them are just out to make a buck and do not care how their clients perform. Others have a genuine interest in helping you grow your money. In this review, I am going to give you a closer look at Titan Trade to see if they are a good binary options broker for you.

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

About Titan Trade

In the binary options trading revolution, Titan Trade is one of the frontrunners. For trading binary options online, they use a specialized, simple to use, state of the art platform. Plus, they have over 30 years of experience in the financial markets. To convert investments into profits, Titan Trade offers an easy and enjoyable online platform.


To maximize profits and minimize risk is the basic principle in investing. The main goal of Titan Trade is to nurture their traders into successful investors. With this in mind, they believe that you stand to gain more if you know more. To help you become a profitable and educated trader, regardless of your bankroll or experience, they provide expert account managers, market analysts to guide you, and step by step investment guides.

To help their clients achieve their financial goals, their educational center provides customized support and a trading platform that utilizes cutting edge technology. To ensure customer satisfaction, Titan Trade’s stated commitment is to strive every day to combine the pleasures of investment, insurance, and trading. To satisfy customers, they have committed to client success by presenting them with the latest tools available in the industry. They also keep all client information securely encrypted in their system.

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

Top Features of Titan Trade

Titan Trade has a lot of top of the line features. I will just cover some of the highlights below:

  • Rollover – If you feel like your option might expire out of the money, the rollover feature allows you to roll your expiry over to the next expiry time. This way, you can get a winning trade out of a losing one. When trading, this is a great strategy for stop loss. This feature can only be used once per trade and it is only available ten minutes before your chosen expiry time. Also, there are no rollovers available for the last expiry time of the day.
  • Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers
  • Double Up – Double Up allows you to open a new trade that the same as another active trade you may have except it is at the current rate. This is meant for when you think a trade you have is highly likely to finish in the money. Since you do not have to reenter the same conditions you did when you first invested, this is a great way to open a profitable trade rapidly.
  • Buy Me Out – If you think an option may finish out of the money, the Buy Me Out feature allows you to sell the option before it expires. You will be given a rate at which Titan Trade will be willing to buy the option when you choose to sell it. You have the choice of whether or not you want to accept that price. The amount offered is a percentage of the amount you would have received if you had let an option expire in the case of the option going in the direction you predicted.
  • Trading Platform – The popular SpotOption is the trading platform offered by Titan Trade.


Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

Titan Trade Account Types

Depending on your trading needs, Titan Trade offers a range of account type options. Every account includes access to the customer service department 24 hours a day, seven days per week, daily market reviews, and the ability to trade all of the assets they offer. As you trading style changes, you can choose different accounts.

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

You can get the Micro/Test Account with a minimum deposit of $500. This is the account for those who would like the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform and have not traded binary options before. It comes with a meeting with a personal broker to assess your trading goals, full access to the trading platform, a copy of the Titan Trade e-book, and a twenty percent bonus on your first deposit.

With a minimum deposit of $1,000, you can access the Classic Account. For traders who are new to binary options, this is a good choice. To help you become a successful investor, they provide you with a variety of tools. You get everything from the Micro/Test Account plus a welcome bonus of 30 percent on your first deposit, personal brokerage services with two daily trading tips from analysts, and education on support, resistance levels, and technical analysis.

A minimum deposit of $2,500 gets you the Premium Trading Account. This is geared toward the more experienced traders. This account offers personal assistance from an account manager and a one on one session with a market analyst. It has all the benefits of the Classic Account plus a 40 percent welcome bonus on the initial deposit, one risk free trade, and full access to the binary options strategy guides.

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

With $5K, you can get the Platinum Trading Account. This builds upon the Premium Trading Account by adding education on moving average and RSI, 24/5 access to the brokerage department, market reviews via text message and email, and a welcome bonus of 50 percent on your first deposit.

And, the Taj Mahal of account types that Titan Trade offers is the VIP Trading Account with a minimum deposit of $10K. In addition to the benefits of the Platinum Trading Account, you get a tailor made financial portfolio, VIP market review via text message, push notifications, or email, VIP brokerage personal services, VIP risk management portfolio, and 75% welcome bonus on first deposit.

Criticism of Titan Trade

There were only two minor things I did not like about Titan Trade. The first was that they do not give you a very wide variety of deposit methods. The other thing I did not like was that they do not offer free demo accounts. I have plenty of experience trading and do not really need it, but it is nice to see it as an option for those who are new.

Customer Support

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

Titan Trade offers 24/7 support via chat and the phone. There are also plenty of resources for those who are new to trading, such as the trading academy. Everyone I talked to was super helpful.


Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers

Titan Trade is one of the better binary option brokers in the business. The put an emphasis in making sure their customers are well prepared for trading. Their trading platform is intuitive and easy to understand. They are the real deal. I strongly recommend Titan Trade to those new to trading and veterans alike.

Titan Trade - Online binary option brokers