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About Lbinary - Binary options trading and binary options brokers

Within the last few years, Binary trading has really started to become something more than a hobby for business professionals to invest in. As more binary trading platforms have started to spring up on the Internet, Binary trading has also started to take off since it has become much more easily accessible to the common man. Binary trading is flexible and straightforward to understand.

A binary option is a trading instrument with a fixed return that is determined at the outset of the trade. If the prediction is right, the trader receives an agreed upon payout. If the trader is wrong, then the person only loses the initial stake. With so many online binary trading platforms sprouting up, it can be difficult for one to select the type that is the best to utilize. One such binary trader that is gaining traction in the marketplace is

Lbinary is not just another broker; it has many easy to use features, and offers its customers: - Binary options trading and binary options brokers
  • Large variety of stocks opportunities
  • One-click sign up trading
  • Mobile application

One of the newer binary trading platforms on the Internet, Lbinary was only introduced at the beginning of 2013, but has been able to gain a lot of attention from major online traders. The reason for the platform’s rapid take off, has to do with the expertise and big profit margins that the company promises.

Lbinary has included the SpotOption trading platform, which is used by all the leading online trading brokers. Besides experience includes features that are enough to describe their success in a very small period.

Top Features Of Lbinary

Lbinary may not be one of the veteran binary options brokers in the space, but they are off to a really strong start. Through offering the features that traders want most, many people are making the decision to partner with this broker. The platform is solid, as it is a transportable trading platform. In order to deal with this broker firm you don’t have to download any type of advance software or even application.

The web-based nature of the platform is designed keeping in mind the desires of traders. This is a very important feature of the site since most traders do not want to be bothered with extra frills or unnecessary buttons with needless complexity of the website. Those people who are not used to dealing with trading online can even manage the system with ease.

It’s really simple to establish a new account with minimal formalities as the site only asks users to fill a small registration form. After few minutes of deposit, you can start trading with their easy trading methods. To make it easier and smooth they have placed every essential link at the home page, which saves you from finding them through the website under various links.

Reasonable terms and conditions, plenty of tools, trade types, assets, and first-rate customer service round out the package. Those who are considering partnering with Lbinary should proceed with confidence.

Their trading system is amazing; they offer features that are totally practical and helpful. If you look at their payouts, they are totally trustworthy since they do not trap you in hidden clauses and maintain complete transparency.

LBinary has five different account levels you can choose from when you signup. The more money you deposit the better service you will receive. There are also numerous features that will be made available to you if you deposit more than the minimum deposit amount. LBinary also offers some of the best bonuses that are available within the online binary trading markets. The trading terms are normally quite hard to fulfill but in this LBinary broker review you can find out more about the offers and some very fair deposit bonuses. - Binary options trading and binary options brokers

LBinary offers what most SpotOptions brokers offer, which means if you get upset at first glance that the amount of expiry levels seems low, do not worry! You have to open the Option Builder trading platform and get unlimited amount of expiry times. You simply choose the hour and minute and risk level and place your trade in an instant.

Lastly, LBinary bids a most impressive educational section, which acts almost as one’s personal virtual trading broker. Through a special tab within the interface, users are provided with video tutorials, webinars, and much more. An economic calendar, daily and weekly market reviews, and “FAQs” and “How To Trade” sections are also provided.


One-on-one training is also even offered should one feel the need to take advantage of this. All of these features are designed to help binary brokers be better, smarter and more effective traders. This service is really invaluable to those who use the service and as such is something that one should use. The type of advice and resources available here typically would cost a good amount of money otherwise.

LBinary Prices

When it comes to money, the minimum trade amount on each trade with this service is $25, with the maximum being $1,000. Though there is a maximum in place, those who wish to invest more than $1,000 do have the option to purchase the same identical contract more than once.

There is no cost to register with Lbinary. The minimum deposit required to begin trading is set at only $250.

LBinary does not have many deposit options, however the site does support USA clients and the most common credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Cartebleue. They naturally have bank wire deposits available to all serious traders who deposit larger amounts.

A LBinary withdrawal is pretty straight forward. When you make a withdrawal you will get your funds back on your credit card up to the amount you deposit. The rest will be sent via bank wire.

Credit card withdrawals are free of charge. A bank wire costs $25, which will be charged by the bank to transfer the funds. - Binary options trading and binary options brokers

Criticisms Of Lbinary

As an up and coming leader in the binary trading industry, Lbinary has many positive attributes, but there are still some areas where the platform falls a little short. While some users have been known to get back as much as an 85% return on investment, the highest initial bonus is 30% and available only for large VIP accounts. Meanwhile, mini accounts are left with 15% as the highest bonus possible.

The platform also is very credible and reliable but it’s not too advanced in terms of innovation. Yes, while the platform does have a mobile app and is overall technologically advanced, compared to other platforms in the space its interface is not as thorough.

Customer Support

Lbinary’s workers are very gentle people; they are highly qualified people who have worked with leading companies in the past. Along with polite and gentle employs, their teaching staff is also very professional, if they don’t have answers to your query then instead of denying help they will gently ask you for some time and after sometime they will reply to you with exact answer.

The service allows customers to contact the company via phone, email, or live chat. Turnaround times are usually fairy decent. Live chat and calls are replied within a minute, which is much quicker than using email that takes a few days. In addition to English, Lbinary also provide support for several additional languages.

Conclusion - Binary options trading and binary options brokers

LBinary is really one of the new leading binary trading platforms that is helping to shape the industry. Although it may be one of the newer sites to hit the market, not only is the property a safe place to trade, but there is a lot to be gained from using the LBinary services. Their payout ratio is very good and with the US broker LBinary you can get as much as 85% in return on your investments. With a minimum initial investment, it makes it easy for a novice and experienced traders alike to test out the waters of’s trading platform. - Binary options trading and binary options brokers

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