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In this new age of online marketing programs and social networks everybody out there is looking to make a quick buck, whether you achieve this by signing up as an affiliate or starting off as a forex trader – the bottom line is finding ways to make quick and easy money online.

TradeRush helps you do both i.e. stay updated on the latest online trading trends and make money online.

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options

TradeRush is exactly what its name indicates; a SpotOption trading platform that makes binary tradingfaster and simpler than it ever was before. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Binary Option trading, it is a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets.

In order to do binary trading, however, a trader must understand the risks and rewards that come with the trade.

About TradeRush

TradeRush was established in 2011 and has its headquarters in Cyprus, it is a binary option broker that uses the SpotOption white label solution. The service is more than just a generic broking service, with TradeRush you find everything you require right in front of you i.e. assets categorized into stocks, indices, commodities and forex.

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options

You don’t have to go frantically searching for what you need; everything is clearly defined for you in an easy user interface. What’s even better is that TradeRush offers a lot of resources and information to learn about binary strategies and options to help newbie traders get started with the service.

Trading with TradeRush

Opening an account with TradeRush is painfully simple, all you need to do is go to the TradeRush website and fill in the online account opening form, upon completion of the form you’ll receive your trading account number and password via which you can access to your desired trading platform.

TradeRush offers its traders two trading options both of them enable traders to make easy and fast money.

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60 Seconds Trading

TradeRush offers its traders the option of 60 seconds trading. You can get started by selecting an asset to trade, clicking on “Call” if you think the price will increase above the current rate at the expiry which is 60 seconds or click on “Put” if you predict the price will fall below the current rate at the time of expiry. You then need to enter in your respective investment amount, click “Apply” and you’re done.

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options

If you’ve predicted correctly upon expiry time, you are rewarded with the payout percentage that was offered to you in the trade. However, if you’ve predicted incorrectly you’ll only be paid back the percentage of your investment that was pre-determined at the start of the contract.

So, if you do lose money you only lose the amount that you had already agreed to and not your entire investment.

This makes TradeRush one of the most simple, safe and swiftest way to make money online.

With 60 seconds trading you can earn up to 81% with the fastest expiry times available in the market; the 60 seconds trading is what puts the rush in TradeRush!

One Touch Trading

Although the 60 seconds trading option is a lucrative way to make money, however, One Touch Trading takes you a step beyond lucrative. In this trading option you can make the most money possible, up to 500% on your investment!

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options

Now these are numbers that everyone wants to see!

One Touch Trading is more complicated than 60 Seconds Trading; you have to reach a specific set price that was designated for your chosen asset. You’re not the one setting the price but the price is chosen for you, you have to rely on your trader’s intuition and market sense to figure out whether or not TradeRush’s price prediction will take place or not.

This trading option is ideally meant for more experienced traders, those that have gotten acquainted with the highs and lows of the market.

Things to Consider with TradeRush

An important thing to consider while trading on TradeRush as on any other broker website is that you have to consider the following factors while you make a trade;

  • The current price of the asset
  • The expiry time
  • The amount that you want to invest
  • The payout amount and the risk involved while trading


Downsides of Using TradeRush

Even though TradeRush offers innovative trading options to make money, there are certain things about TradeRush that need improving. Firstly, the service offers no proper demo on how to trade, once you make a deposit you do gain access to a lot of manuals and trading guides, however, there is absence of a clear cut and direct demo that’s related with only TradeRush’s trading secrets.

If you have ample time to go through detailed trading manuals then you’ll have no problems with TradeRush whatsoever.

TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options


The minimum deposit to start trading with TradeRush is $200, minimum trade amount is $ 5 and you have a maximum daily deposit amount of $ 10, 000 with a maximum trade amount of $2, 500. You can make deposits through wire transfer, American Express, Skrill, Visa etc. and can cash in your profits using the same platforms.

TradeRush usually offers a bonus of up to 30% to their new customers.

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In addition to offering two innovative trading options mentioned above; 60 second Trading and Spot Trading TradeRush offers its traders a set of helpful features.

  • TradeRush offers a total of 61 assets this includes 21 stocks, 13 currencies, 8 commodities and 9 indices.
  • TradeRush expiry times are comparatively wide during the day, weekend trading however can be a bit slow.
  • TradeRush Forex Trading and Binary Options
  • The live chat service on average is particularly responsive.
  • TradeRush doesn’t charge traders when they first deposit or purchase options.
  • Traders have to pay $30 for withdrawal (via wire transfer) if there is more than one transaction per month otherwise the withdrawals are free of charge.
  • The TradeRush website and broker service are updated at regular intervals and accounts for industry change

Another fact that separates TradeRush from other broking services is their unique trader friendly features that help traders maximize their profits; the “Rollover” and “Double Up”.

The Double Up

The Double Up feature essentially lets you start a new trade with the same conditions if your expiry time is near and you are fearful that you haven’t made the right prediction. The feature increases your investment on open position. It doubles your profit on expiry time and you immediately start capitalizing on a strong position.

The Rollover

The Rollover feature postpones your option’s expiry time; this extra time helps you turn your losses into gains. You can get 30% higher returns at the time of option expiry and you have the opportunity of using the Rollover option ten minutes before the expiry. However, the Rollover feature can only be applied once per option.


TradeRush offers traders a trading platform that is new in the market; with its unique trading options such as the 60 Seconds and One Touch Trading the platform offers something for both newbie and experienced traders.

With a total of 61 assets offered in addition to helpful trading features like the Double Up and Rollover traders will find it very hard not make money with TradeRush.

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